New Zealand's Prime Minister: I'll stay in TPP's economic suicide-pact even if the USA pulls out


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I wonder how much did he get paid and by whom.


Yes, I seriously just had the same thought, although this guy has proven himself to be our stupidest prime minister ever.
Honestly folks, we do have some intelligent people in NZ and now most of us are wondering how this chump ever got into power.
He really should buy himself an island somewhere and stay there with his copy of the TPP agreement.
If only it was like that Survivor show, where you vote people off the island…


Why haven’t the Kiwis got rid of that arsehole yet?


It’s not about getting paid now, it’s a retirement plan.


According to the “Golden Bough” book, quite some indigenous societies have limited terms for the ruler/chieftain, after which said ruler is sacrificed to the gods.

The approach sounds increasingly attractive.


Even if we turned back time, the Maori wouldn’t eat this guy.
Even the Donner Party wouldn’t have him.
He is truly distasteful and would have to be put on a pyre.


follow the money

pretty much…leave public service, get a cushy private sector job.


Still to good for this waste of human DNA.


This sounds so familiar, as an American. Our right wing is hard at work repealing Obama’s health care law, without ever answering the question of what replaces it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! If you ask unpleasant questions about the consequences, the interview is over. Fortunately, they’ve repealed it over 60 times now and had no effect at all.

True patriotism, to some people, means fingers in the ears lalalala I can’t hear you! Sorry to see NZ’s got it too, they always seemed civilized to me.


I’m assuming that some back-scratching was done; but I strongly suspect that you’d be deeply depressed by how cheaply he was purchased. Not only is corruption a great way to get good deals(it’s like being a fence, but in a nicer suit, amazing what a discount people will give you when selling things that don’t belong to them); but blinkered ideologues who will, can, and do do horrific things purely on principle are more or less a standard feature in politics.

Honestly, short of the 'line ‘em up against the wall’ strategy, an overt politician-auction process, that actually forces buyers to bid competitively, would rank surprisingly high. Yeah, it’d be wildly corrupt; but at least you’d pay closer to market price for the politicians you purchase.


I expect the TPP to be passed on Friday, December 23 2016 shortly after the major networks finish up their news broadcasts.


That man is such an embarrassment. :flushed: He consistently lies and is stinking rich, yet the average Kiwi lets him get away with his rubbish because he somehow manages to come across as a pleasant Mr. Average Bloke … :rage:

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