Female teacher in Turkey sentenced to prison for making rude hand gesture


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Back by popular demand…


“Late stage capitalism” just doesn’t hold the same ring-o’-truth for this one.


“Middle stage fascism” seems like a better fit.


Middle finger capitalism.


Sounds a lot like how the crowds would keep applauding Stalin for hours, because there were NKVD agents walking through the crowd, looking for the first person to stop clapping, so they could send him to siberia.


Or the forced weeping in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea when the Dear Leader died.

And these cavemen expect to join the European Union some day?


If you can’t stand tall, in public, and point out that your president is a corrupt [insert locally relevant epithet here] shit-stain, secure in the knowledge that the government will not retaliate, there is no sense in which you can be said to live in a free country.

Lèse-majesté is so last millenium.


Reminds me of this young lady.

Someday she will stare down Erdogan and hurt more than his feelings.
“Spring will come again. I promise you.”


Stalin is giving a speech in a small auditorium. During a pause, someone in the audience sneezes. Looking up, Stalin asks,

“Who sneezed?”

Noone answers. Stalin orders the guards to escort the last three rows of people outside, where they are executed. Stalin then asks,

“Now, who sneezed?”

Again, noone answers. Again, Stalin orders the guards to escort the last three rows outside. Shots are heard. Again, Stalin asks,

“Now! Who sneezed??”

A small, bespectacled man in the second row raises his hand and says,

“Um, I did, comrade.”

To which Stalin replies,

“Bless you.”

… and then continues his speech.


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