Feminist Mad Max meme is an MRA’s nightmare


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That meme is so awesome that it makes me want to see the movie (I’m serious.)


But Shirley, this film undermines feminism!

The justifiable feminist outrage of women being held in a harem as sex slaves, to be saved by a strong female protagonist, is undermined by the fact that she must ally with man to enable her. Clearly Max is not keeping to his established social contract as a ‘disposable’ male, unlike the the warlord’s underlings who happily throw there lives away in the established patriarchal male fantasy of ‘honour’.

But what do I know, I’m just a dog.


I am sure everybody who matters already knows what MRA stands for. Meals Ready to Ate?


Hey girl, let’s end the the movie with some Mansplaining about you ladies going the wrong way… :wink:


I believe in equality. I laugh equally at those who are offended by Fury Road as I do those who were offended by the “monster” and “prima nocta” lines from the new Avengers movie.


Does anyone else feel like the internet is now just a machine for browbeating feminist viewpoints into basement-dwelling nerds who are unlikely to ever be close enough to a woman for it to make any difference?


Yes, basement-dwelling nerds everywhere feel this way. This is why they developed Gamergate.


No (as in, no).


Max’s “established social contract”? Oh please do explain.



This is appropriately funny for this thread, but in case you’re serious, it was nowhere near mansplaining. It was a suggestion to a respected comrade. This is what conversations between the two action leads is supposed to look like, if there’s a break between 'splosions.


Max: I’ve got skills, I could trade them.
The Collector: Sorry, the brothel’s full.


I keep scanning it as MRSA.


“Men’s Rights Advocate” I believe
(sarcasm detector broken, forgive me if you already knew)


I’m pretty sure the internet is now, always was and always shall be, mainly a place for viewing pornography.


Well, there’s the problem! Untick the FemDom box, and perhaps the porn will be less akin to what you imagine feminists to be.



I might not be representative of anyone other than myself, but I don’t tend to see the sorts of things that bother me. I know they exist, I just don’t see them. My internet experience reflects primarily those things I go looking for, and it makes me think that anyone who gets pissed off about what The-Whole-Internet is doing is possibly looking for something to be pissed off about.


I woulda figured it out eventually.


I read the title as NRA and was really damn confused.