Fermented foods reduce social anxiety: Study


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I am a perfect example, I’m completly fermented/pickled in Whiskey.

I’m soaking in it right now!


Merde alors, trop tard. I was gonna make a beer joke. Damn your oily hide, sir! Damn you, I say!


Don’t go away angry! Let’s ferment one together!


Pffft I learned this years ago from watching YOGURT GABA GABA.


I do need to start making beer again.


YES! Think of all the anxiety you’ll reduce!


And all the money I’ll save to use for petrol. Pesky volatiles. You always need one or the other…


The unslakable thirst for libation is a curse every man/woman has to face with courage!

Charge on Sir!



If I want to be the life of a party, I down a quart of buttermilk 30 minutes beforehand.

Works every time.


I swear on xanax anyway.


I know what I am going to nosh on before my next anxiety inducing task:
Hákarl (Rotten Shark) - The Worst Thing I Have Ever Had In My Mouth | meemalee


Start the day with a bowl of kimchi, and you have the liberating knowledge that no amount of social ineptitude could possibly cause people to respect you any less.



  • two heads of Napa cabbage, cut
  • three carrots julienned
  • two heads of raw garlic, pureed
  • three tablespoons chili flakes
  • soy sauce and fish sauce to taste
  • sriarcha to taste, and a teaspoon of sugar
  • 1/4 cup kombucha




That the little beings in our guts can affect our minds is beautiful, but probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Almost everything that affects any part of our bodies comes in through the intestinal tract to the bloostream. These little folks are just our bizarre, amazing, diverse little preprocessors, chopping this, combining with that, adding a pinch of the other, and denaturing or fabricating whatever is in their tiny nature to do. Bless their little ribosomes.


Go for the pickled herring. Get your biom, Omega-3’s and a good shot of protein in a yummy package. With a little hummus sprinkled with chipotle, some whole grain bread and some red vino and you’ve got my late night health food.


I did notice I mellowed out considerably after I met my wife eight years ago. I always assumed she had a soothing effect on me but now I know it was probably just the kimchi.


Or just get fermented enough yourself, and become sour at the whole society thing.