Fiber Fix: repair tape with embedded super-strong, fast-curing resin


I saw this on Shark Tank - cool product, although they nearly blew it before jumping on board with Lori Greiner. I saw a story written up yesterday on Gizmodo too, so Lori’s PR company must be making a big push while it’s still fresh in people’s mind. Good for them!

Is this something other than re-purposed fiberglass outer-layer for medical casts?

Wasn’t resin tape the basis of a joke in Police Academy 2, or have I shared too much about myself?

but how do I get them to hold still for 2-5 minutes?


Jello is “comparable” to steel.
Perhaps “similar to” would work better here.


Let them drink until they pass out. I thought every practical joker knew this.

How much Fiber Fix would I need to equal one bowl of Super Colon Blow?


Joke, yes. That’s exactly what it was officer.


They should test this stuff by repairing broken hockey sticks and put them in the hands of pro defensemen. See how many slapshots it can take before failure.

Seriously? What a profound contribution.
Jesus Christ.

Annoyingly, Amazon doesn’t list how long each roll is. Presumably they’re fairly short since it sounds like once you open the package you have to use the whole thing.

Digging some more, it looks like the 1" roll is maybe 40" long (the dimensions listed are weird, 40x1x2, I guess 40" long and the roll is 1"x2"?) which is not a huge amount but is probably about right for something you have to use up all at once.

The 2" wrap is apparently 50" long and the 4" wrap looks to be 60".

For $20 you’re getting 12.5 feet of wrap. Not terrible, but it’s pretty pricey if you want to play around with it and test it before using it on a real project. Still, if the product proves to be as water resistant and strong as they say, I could definitely see some uses for this.

For truly “amazing” tape, I remember something from my Air Force days: “F-4” Tape, Orange, slightly stretchy, stretch while applying and it sticks to itself. Peel off the liner and it just works. We used it as temporary window seal on a B-52: all I can say, is two layers and two hours later, it was holding pressure at 42,000 feet. . .

Apparently it’s available commercially, F4Tape

Cyanoacrylate, the principal component of “crazy glue”, is also technically moisture-driven. Is this also cyanoacrylate-based?

If it makes you feel any better, I wondered if it was possible to use it as a wrap-around condom.

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So are urethane adhesives (like gorilla glue and POR-15). I regularly repair things like broken handles by saturating a cloth strip (cut from a rag) in a urethane construction adhesive and wrapping. Very strong and inexpensive.

I too automatically thought ‘Wow, that Shark Tank lady’s PR dept sure acts quick’.
Then I wondered if Boing Boing actively advertises products in the form of blog posts that aren’t noted as ads/promos nor are they actual hands-on reviews of the product.

I don’t know BB’s in-house rules but I wonder if they get paid for this kinda thing (I hope they do) or if they’re happy to just have get info about a not-too-exciting new product to post about.

There are quite frequently posts on BB about things like this - it’s relevant to the interests of makers, and people who like to repair things instead of replacing them. There are a lot of people like that in BB’s audience. Sugru is probably the best other example.

That doesn’t preclude the possibility of it being paid advertising, but history suggests that it’s being posted out of genuine interest.

All of the new stuff like this is too pricey to play around with and test, including everyone’s favorite, Sugru. And you can’t really know if it’s going to work for your project or not without trying it.

The first time I used Sugru, I tried one of the most basic suggested uses for it, reinforcing cable connectors. It worked on my MBP power cable (which I can see out of the corner of my eye as I type… I used the red Sugru), but not on the micro-usb cable I use to charge my phone - in fact the Sugru caused the cable to break!

This resin tape looks awesome, and I hope I have reason to use it sometime to give it a try. I think the fact that it’s enjoyable to try things like this before replacing something is part of the fun, even if you’re out even more money than if you’d just replaced the broken thing in the first place :wink: