Fiber Fix: repair tape with embedded super-strong, fast-curing resin

Good point. But I thought posts about those kinds of products were usually being hands-on reviewed by the author. I could be wrong (I’m probably wrong).
Maybe I just specifically noticed this product posting because I saw it pitched on a national tv show just a few days ago.

Whatever the case I’m not one to usually question BoingBoings ‘ethics’ so I don’t know why I’m doing it now. I trust their editorial decisions are good intentioned and honest.

Does anybody know where I can get this stuff inside the EU?

Does not appear to be available in the EU. Try the technique d_r suggested a few posts up: cut strips of scrap cloth, saturate with a urethane adhesive, such as Gorilla Glue or POR-15, wrap, and allow to dry. Likely more versatile and cheaper as well. . . .

Gorilla Glue tends to expand as it dries, so your fix is always going to look puffy. From the product shots of this tape, it looks like it doesn’t suffer from the same problem.

All our ads are labelled. This is not an ad, and no one paid me or Boing Boing to post it. I found it (as they post says) on Oh Gizmo, thought it looked good, and posted it.

I always note when review units are provided, and disclose any interest I have in the stuff we post about (for example, if I serve on the board of a nonprofit we mention, or am an advisor to a company).

If appearance is more important than function, you may have a point. But as this tape does not appear to be available in the EU, I was suggesting a homespun alternative. Unless he wants Cory to smuggle some in for him, on his next trip to Europe. . . . :smiley:

Thanks for clarifying.

As I said in my my response to penguinchris’s info - and after mulling it over:
“I’m not one to usually question BoingBoings ‘ethics’ so I don’t know why I’m doing it now. I trust their editorial decisions are good intentioned and honest.”

That’s it. Repairs should be inexpensive. I can buy this tape to repair my shitty old shovel for 20 bucks or I can buy a new shovel for 20 bucks. Hmmm…what a conundrum. Not.

When I do this (with a beige urethane-based construction adhesive) it does puff up a bit and can look rather awful. You can do exactly the same thing with epoxy, and the repair will look better, but I always seem to have lots of urethane glue around which I need to use quickly. (I assume the tape in the article uses an epoxy resin.) The expansion of the glue can be useful: for example, for reinforcing/repairing a cracked polycarbonate part recently, I drilled a few small holes in the polycarbonate on either side of the crack, then spread out the a glue-soaked cloth patch. When the glue dried it expanded up into the holes and swelled beyond, adhering the patch to the polycarbonate more securely.

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