Behold the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube


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How to use sand to hold up a car

I know what I’m watching with the family tonight!

The Internet is so much better than cable.


Definitely a bigger crush than the one Ken had on her.


Holy cow - check out this one!


Now TALK, Skipper™ !


Finnish. The unplaceable accent is Finnish, I’m almost certain.. Could also be Estonian I guess? Haven’t heard an Estonian speaker.


I wonder how a hockey puck would fare, they are quite durable.


I bet it would break. Either squish out or shatter like a rock.

These presses are amazing. My uncle was a machinist who worked on and repaired hydraulic press molds. They would use thick metal pins in holes in the top and bottom to make sure the two halves would align. Some times a pin would stick and stay with the top half. Not realizing this, someone would replace the pin on the bottom and work the press again, compressing two pins into the space one is supposed to hold. They use softer steel for the pins, but you still have to repair the mold when that happens.


I think I will go to this youtube channel to request the hockey puck crush test.

Humanity must know for sure!!


The blue clay (?) figure at the end is far more interesting, in how the goo flows up the jaw or whatever it’s called.

I watched the folding paper 7 times video, and cringed at the guy holding the paper as the upper press comes down. You couldn’t get me to do that. I’d be in the next room, watching on a monitor.

The funniest thing, though, is that there is a thing called “The Hydraulic Press Channel.” They need to make it 24/7!


Obligatory ear worm…

Come on Barbie, let’s go party!


Love many of these, but crushing Barbie is a bit misogynistic and psycho, bro. Stick to golf balls. Or at least crush Ken too!


Maybe she’s a standoff for somebody who crushed the operator’s heart. The doll got what she deserved.


Finally. A truly wafer thin phone.


Finnish would explain his fondness for Metal.


Oh, Barbie… Sure, you gave Millions of little girls a horrible and unrealistic body image, but you did not deserve that cruel fate.
This entire channel is hilarius. I think I should watch it.


It doesn’t bother anyone else that the two parts of the press don’t line up perfectly? Looking at the lower circular part it’s a bit off center.


Or a profoundly feminist statement. Pick one or both.


Ken is still Barbie’s main squeeze, but the pressure is on.


Bah. Letterman was doing this way back when I was walking to school in the snow (both ways) while also carrying everyone else’s books.