'FICTION' — Mattis denies words attributed to him in Bob Woodward's new book


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/09/04/mattis-denies.html


Well, the title of the book is “Fear”. Perhaps Il Douche (or his mancrush in Moscow) has something on Mattis.


Do I detect a new insect?

The rare and amazing, “Praying Mattis”? :grin:


Deep Throat would like a word.


Woodward is known for recording his interviews and being able to back his claims, perhaps someone wishes they had kept their mouth shut when they were blabbing about Il Douche


How anybody can take the word of a past, current or future trump administration stooge is so far, beyond me.




I saw another article where they said he has something like 400 hours of recordings. He says he recorded everyone he spoke to.



I’m sure he did. He understands that the current regime makes the Nixon administration look like a bunch of choirboys.




<prognostication mode=“cynical”>

  • Week 1: “Lies, lies, lies. Nobody said nothing. Fake.”

  • Week 2: “You don’t have tapes. If you had tapes you’d release them.”

  • Week 3: “It’s disgusting that this man made tapes of people saying these things and released them.”

  • Week 4: “Those tapes are fake.”



Not to point out the insanely obvious, but didn’t someone just publish a tell all book where people said tons of stupid things tona journalist who then published them (that being what journalists do)? Shouldn’t they maybe have been on their guard for someone doing the exact same thing?


One thing that became clear in Michael Wolf’s Fire and Fury was that there were three main factions fighting for control within the administration, and a writer could get insiders from any one of those factions to spill the beans on the other two if they saw a momentary tactical advantage in doing so. It appears that they haven’t managed to figure out how to work together for a common goal yet.


Let’s see, do I believe Robert Woodward, a respected journalist with decades of reputation, or an administration that lies as often as breathing? Of course, this will not affect the base on iota, but may swing some independents and convince them to show up at the polls.


Backstabbing and infighting amongst reactionary right wing Republicans? OMG, say it ain’t so!


hmmm, should I believe Woodward, or the trump admin…


Re: Lying.

Vox had a video about this tactic that Putin has used for years and it appears to be what Trump has adopted. A “firehose of falsehood”. You just pour on so much that it just numbs people. It is less about who is “right” and more about exerting power.


That’s a very carefully worded dismissal.


Sort of. To hear Wolf tell it the far-right reactionaries comprise one faction, the establishment/Paul Ryan Republicans another, and the “Jarvanka” team (think Wall Street Democrats) a third. And almost all of them are way out of their depth experience-wise.