Bob Woodward's new book reveals the "nervous breakdown" of Trump’s presidency

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Fake news. Failing journalist just hates how great America is getting.


It would be fitting if Woodward’s writing was once again instrumental in the toppling of an unfit president.


I’ve read several excerpts now and they all describe the person I’ve talked about from the beginning: someone whose emotional development and intellectual curiosity was arrested at approx. age 11 (about the time he was sent away to military school when he finally did something so awful that even his doting and coddling mom couldn’t save him from Fred’s wrath).

That anyone thought this damaged man-child turned into a lifelong grifter was suited for any elected public office astounds me on a daily basis.


I’ve been waiting for a twitter meltdown all day. Do you think they have a straight jacket at the White house?


Sounds like the book pretty definitively explains why the administration reversed course on Trump’s promise to testify:

John Dowd was convinced that President Trump would commit perjury if he talked to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. So, on Jan. 27, the president’s then-personal attorney staged a practice session to try to make his point.

In the White House residence, Dowd peppered Trump with questions about the Russia investigation, provoking stumbles, contradictions and lies until the president eventually lost his cool.

“This thing’s a goddamn hoax,” Trump erupted at the start of a 30-minute rant that finished with him saying, “I don’t really want to testify.”

So Trump really did think he could pull it off until they did a practice run to prove he couldn’t keep himself from lying to save his life. At least we have the satisfaction of knowing he was emasculated by his own staff.


If even half of what he’s saying is true, then Trump’s even worse, in every way, than we’ve been thinking. :scream:

Also, it’s sounding like he’s about to come apart at the seams any day now.


A) I still say that you’re insulting 11 year olds with the comparison.

B) That’s the info that I’m most curious about; what he did as a tween that got him sent away. Someone must know, some record must exist, somewhere…


Ok, how about a particularly spoiled and entitled 11-year-old boy? By all accounts that’s what he was and is.

The only unconfirmed rumour I’ve heard is he got caught throwing rocks at a baby or toddler. If it’s true I’d imagine it’s because he thought the baby was “stealing” attention from him.

I’ve seen the video of one of his depositions from one of the many lawsuits where he screwed someone over in the real estate business. Not only does he constantly lie but he uses a lot of the tricks people use to cover up their illiteracy. It’s quite startling.

If I were one of his lawyers now and saw that I wouldn’t let him near Mueller.


Oh, how I long for the day when nothing is left but an empty orange sack and a writhing pile of maggots.



“You’re joking; you’re joking; this can’t be the guy!”

My thoughts everyday, since November 2016…


While this is all well and good, this book is essentially restating what we already know: Trump is a disaster as a person and as a president. Will it make a difference to his nazi followers? No. His evangelicals? No. Just general stupids? No. GOP senate / house? No. Special Counsel? Remains to be seen, I guess. But, I admit, my optimism has taken a turn for the worse regarding this subject.


I know an 11-year-old who has endured more in her life than Tяump has in his 72 years. She handles herself better than he does, is much more curious, and would make a vastly better president*.

*ETA: To be clear, not “a better president when she grows up”, but “a better president right now”.


Agreed; there is a vast difference between a regular prepubescent child and a prepubescent child who happens to be a sociopath… and everything I’ve ever witnessed about 45 has me convinced that he is one.


Of course, because they are stuck in the old ways of facts and statistics and science, not the gut-level hunches we really need to lead this country into a new golden age of prosperity.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the book already in our local library system, with over 200 names on the “hold” queue.


That cartoon is so pitch perfect it makes me laugh every time I see it.


Here’s another 11-year-old who is about a billion times more articulate than the sitting president:


I remember there was some angry blowback from conservatives on that cartoon, they thought it was “anti-populist”, when it’s really “anti-stupidity.” One argument: “but our current politicians are doing such a bad job anyway” ignores that the US has been pretty stable for a long time (we’ve yet to veer into Somalia territory), so while they could do better, hiring someone who doesn’t even know how government works is not a solution.


Kudos to Bob Woodward and every other person who can listen to trump try to deflect and list his “accomplishments” and brag about how amazing he is without just shouting “SHUT UP AND STOP LYING! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”