Fidel Castro's eldest son commits suicide

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“The eldest son of Fidel Castro, 68-year-old Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart, committed suicide after a months-long treatment depression.”

It’s early and I’m not fully caffeinated, but I’m pretty sure this sentence is missing some words.


I don’t know much about Fidel jr. but I hate hearing about depression pushing anybody to that point.


There are exceptions but yeah, nothing in the two paragraph summary of this man’s life makes me think he deserved to go like this. Of all the things the son of a dictator can do, studying physics and trying to advance nuclear energy in his country seems pretty okay.


Was Fidelito himself a bad guy, or do you just rejoice in his death because you didn’t care for his father (who he apparently had a falling out with anyway)?

He never even sought a political position, by all accounts he was a scientist whose father happened to be the President/Dictator of Cuba.


I have no real thoughts or feelings in the matter, i was responding to the first post specifically.

In that case I redirect my question to @anon89609066

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My post was meant as this:

Simply Grumpycat. Meh at the world for unspecified reasons. I neither loved nor hated Fidelito or his father, brother or anyone there. Just, Meh.

& meh at depression, too. Now, quickly becoming meh at this whole thread.

& meh at myself now for explaining so much. So I revert to my original post:


Well if i had to give an answer, i do not rejoice in his death. Even when talking about Hugo Chavez (the former Venezuelan President) i was not comfortable saying that i wished him death… and when he finally did die i was still not comfortable with it. Of course i was glad that he did pass away because it meant that he could no longer directly harm the country though seeing where the country is now that’s quite bittersweet,

In the case of Fidelito i really don’t know anything about him but i am saddened of the thought that he took his life because of depression but realistically i have nothing to say about him beyond that.

How soon before Fox News reports that this is evidence that “Socialism” is bad for you?


This is the first print medium in which I read this. Heard it on radio via BBC hours ago. No offense BB but wouldn’t one expect to see it in the “real” news? Too much memo-crap.

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