Fight Club 2 – a punch to the cerebral cortex

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Fight Club 2


So with rules 1 and 2 out of the way…

Let’s talk about Fight Club.

I want to read this, because i honestly thought it was such a period piece, a product of the 90’s ‘oh shit we’re the generation that didn’t have things go to hell so we’re kind of that weird ground we need to-’ and now everything is totally different. I don’t mean 9/11, or the wars, or technology. I mean the Millennial generation can quite rightly point at the generation that came before and go ‘you yanked the rug out from under us and now you’re blaming us for not living up to your standards? FUCK YOU.’

Malaise has turned into rage in an environment where there is no real security because you can be replaced by twenty other people literally begging for a job, or outsourced to india after we post a minimal requirements page that literally is impossible to fill precisely so we can outsource for cheap.

Does the comic take that shift in the world on? Does Project Mayhem change as a result of the now barely contained rage one generation has for the ones that came before?


The aspect of the story that we have to accept is that “project mayhem” is finally ready to be implemented. No better time will exist or present itself for many generations to come, hence “Fight Club 2”. This couldn’t have been timed better, if you ask me.

Now how [in the story] do you get all these people off the internet, put down cell phones and get to work?


Step 1: You do not talk about Fight Club.
Step 2: You do not talk about Fight Club 2.


I don’t think it goes as much of where it sounds like you’d want it to go.


To be honest, the operation in the comic is more akin to the end stages of Project Mayhem in the book and movie rather than the angsty corporate worker bee stuff, though some of that is referenced.

It’s a trippy meta experience as the description notes. When you start to see the meta aspects of the narrative, you do a double take and go, “huh, weird.” And then it just gets more surreal.

It’s a great read. It’s exactly what I’ve liked about Chuck’s writing ever since I read Invisible Monsters, Survivor, and Fight Club at the beginning of his fame.


Eh, this didn’t work so much for me. I’ve read just about everything else and I do like comics. But I put this about on par with Choke, for me his weakest work.

Waits for Mr Robot S02

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I think they would need to point to the Boomers, IMO. Not X. Boomers have been running everything for a quite a while - then they helped almost blow up the world in 2008.


Beyond an individual family, generations are a myth newscasters and shoddy demographers pull out of their asses to divide and hype their audiences.


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