Fighter jet that buzzed Berkeley was “personal air show” from one bro to another

The jet … disrupted hot yoga classes. The outrage!


Oh, you mean you’re supposed to get permission first? XD

I have never even been in the military, yet I have on several occasions borrowed heavy military vehicles. I joyrode APCs and tanks and nobody ever even noticed.

A bit of advice – if you find such things disturbing, don’t ever live in San Diego (or at least the Northwestern part) – you’ll get low flying fighter jets on a daily basis.

I take it that the punishment was because they failed to take the photo.

Come on, you can’t just let that drop without telling the story.

(My father was Army motor pool for 21 years, and this meant that I once got to ride in a tank as a very small child. I don’t recall much of anything about it, except being very happy.)


Very simple.
After the fact, count the dead bodies.
That’s pretty damn accurate.

Disturbing a Yoga class does not automatically rate as “dangerous”, sorry.


Supposedly, at my alma mater (Antioch College), located nearWright Patterson Air Force Base, the campus was getting buzzed repeatedly by fighter jets, in violation of the regulations at the time… So, the students decided to to either put a sign on the roof of the one of the dorms “FUCK WRIGHT PAT”, and/or sunbathe nude on this same roof. Thereupon, the dean of students received a phone-call complaining of “obscenities” that were only visible from the air.
Gotcha! The overflights ceased.

(now that I think about it, the repellant must have been the sign, and the attractant was the naturism.)


So they lost two experienced pilots that just got a $505,000 worth of additional experience. Mistakes and near-misses are the best teachers.

The more cost-effective thing to do would be to get them tour other units and explain them where they screwed up. Including detailed description of the aerodynamic mechanism that led to loss of control, and why it is likely to happen in such conditions.


And think of all the unsuspecting car alarms in the Whole Foods parking lot!


Touché, sir.

In all fairness - it is rather embarrassing to evacuate during a yoga session.


Years ago, a brother of a friend was about to graduate… or be discharged, or whatever from the Air Force. He instructed his family to be outside their house at a certain time and he’d do a fly-over. I don’t know how they found out, but a local news station showed up. He flew over, did a few rolls or some such and headed back to base. When he heard the news was going to do a report, he flipped out because he’d get in big trouble. Just before airing, the news organization was convinced to drop the story. They showed the footage with no comment at the very end of the day’s report. I guess he got away with it.

I would assume that he was already out on some sort of training mission. Deciding to take a small detour and/or fly at a lower attitude going to or coming back from it isn’t going to affect the mission cost.

In the very unlikely event he took it out JUST to do this, then I’d agree bad things should happen to him.


At a glance, I was hoping this story was about an airshow choreographed by Busby Berkeley in tribute to George Enos…

I grew up near an Army base, and as a kid able to sneak in and do outrageous things that nobody ever knew about. I was just very curious and very sneaky. Playing with training grenades, digging up old munitions from the landfill, and driving vehicles around the lots where they were kept. This is when I was around 12-13 years old.

I encountered mild static only once. There was an annual Armed Forces Day celebration when they invited non-military personnel from surrounding towns to come onto the base for a big fair. They usually brought out a few tanks and APCs for kids to play on and climb into. And they never bothered to disable them in any way! Like disconnect the ignition, drive system, etc, - they just assumed that kids would play with all of the controls, but yet, not know how to start the things. How they worked was obvious to me from the legends on the controls, so one time in a tank with other kids, I started it up. The rest of the kids inside were scared shitless and scrambled out. The soldiers nearby got hopping mad and pulled me out of the tank. I wasn’t actually going to drive it anywhere (this time). They drove me off the base in a jeep and told me not to come back to the fair. I asked them: “What’s wrong? You said kids are free to play in these and touch them!”, but they didn’t have any answers.


Disrupted hot yoga classes?!?
Oh the huge manatee!

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So, you and Acer are essentially saying: as long as no person or property was harmed, there is no cause for alarm.

What a disturbingly naive perspective.

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It does amaze me how more of us haven’t been arrested, sued, or killed–my me a culpa was joyriding CAT excavators at two in the morning. Like your experience the operators assumed nobody would be curious enough to even start them.