Delta Flight 89 en route LAX for emergency landing dumps jet fuel on school playground in Cudahy — 17 children, 9 adults treated

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YIKES! Glad it seemed to all work out?


It’s very important children get their daily dose of chemtrail /s

Glad things appear to have turned out ok.


Um… “the plane didn’t crash” is not the same thing as “things turned out OK.”


Did they recover any of the very valuable petrochemicals? Asking for a friend…


I was going to say, this may be the one video of something that could potentially accurately be described as chemtrails.

It’s really amazing how many people in the fringe realms are incapable of understanding the basics of aircraft contrails. But then again, this is the era of Trump and flat Earthers, so why does anything surprise me any more. And this coming from me, who believes that some UFOs are likely actually “aliens.” Sheesh!

And yes, glad that there don’t at this point seem to be major injuries. But jet fuel is pretty toxic from what I gather, so I do hope the parents take their kids to the doctors, and monitor for any ongoing issues from the exposure.


If there had been just one spark, there could have been an entire schoolyard of incinerated children.

This is nightmare fuel. Literally. So glad they will be ok.

This is a very rare occurrence correct?

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I assume you’re being hyperbolic. Jet fuel is actually hard to light. It has to be atomized to light.


Actually no I was not.

I just didn’t know is that hard to light jet fuel.

I am really glad right now it is hard to light!

I watched Hobo With A Shotgun, and that scene where they use a flamethrower on a school bus full of children for no reason other than terror was kind of going through my head. I am really glad they were not in extreme danger. Also, that movie is incredibly fucked up, even by my standards.


For Delta Airlines, ΔP stands for Delta Problem


Here’s an explainer on why airplanes dump fuel.

I’ve been listening to ATC (air traffic control) conversations (between ATC and pilots; there are lots of them on YouTube with maps and subtitles) and it sounds like dumping fuel is a pretty common occurrence – as common as it is for airplanes to have emergencies.

ETA: The Guardian says the dumped fuel fell onto 3 schools.


“Jet fuel won’t help pre-teens”.


I just rewatched that movie. I really liked it. I love The Purge and the over the top acting.

Favorite line is:

“Ivan, you’ll ruin your skates.”

“I ruin everything!”

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The FAA’s statement explains a little better how it’s supposed to work…


There was a mild argument on our neighborhood nextdoor (shocking, right?) about chemtails/contrails that made me laugh. Sort of.
This guy, tho -
“Chem trails. Don’t let any naysayers tell you otherwise. Contrails do not remain in the sky like Chemtrails. My dad worked 37 yrs in the Aerospace industry.”


Half this shit is probably Russian troll farms, for all we know. I just read an article about how RT has been a big pusher of the “5G is going to kill you” shit. You have to give it to the Russkies, they really are pretty good at this info-warfare stuff. Those Russians, they get shit done on a budget! (Of course it’s on a budget, Putin and the oligarchs have all the money!)


Normally that’s what the fuel does when they dump it: atomize and dissipate before it reaches the ground. There’s probably a safe minimum altitude that the flight was below when they dumped.

Yeah, like that.


No, it’s an actual neighbor, I’m afraid…

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Yes but fanning of flames? I would buy that not all of this is just crazy neighbors — although admittedly way too much is. :crazy_face:

It’s not routine, but it’s not rare. It can happen even in non-emergency scenarios to reduce the airplane load in flight (which in a counter-intuitive way actually saves fuel). Typically the fuel evaporates well before hitting the ground, so this plane must have been flying really low.