Fighting robots, as fast as the eye can see

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Yeah, Elon has also been talking about robots moving as fast as Dragon Ball characters too lately


Hi Rob,

This is actually a copy of my original sumo robot video, here:

If you could swap it out, I’d appreciate it!

Also, if you are interested in other fast robot videos check out what I just put up:

Robot Mice Speed Runs:


Galvano Lasers:


Another good reminder of what the reality will be is that several of the robots promptly scramble out of the ring seemingly on their own accord.

Are these things in fact still human-controlled to some extent, or are they required to run autonomously?


I was wondering the same thing. It seems like a human would have to at least trigger the command to start fighting, but after than it doesn’t look like human reflexes could keep up with those movements. I would like to know more about how they are programmed to run like that!


Thank you for the additional videos! Fascinating stuff.


If the robots win, we’ll have to listen to techno.

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My guess is that the only defense against an incredibly fast bad robot is to have multiple incredibly fast, good robots between us and them.


That was surprisingly entertaining. Earlier versions of this were pretty dull.

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Has anyone tattooed themselves with one of them lasers yet?

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some of them seem to mimic actual sumo wrestlers in some of their movement patterns, don’t they? like when they move towards the opponent in steps, before attacking, spreading out their “arms”?

If the last you saw of fighting wheeled robots was Robot Wars

The BBC has been making new series of Robot Wars, in fact, there’s one on at the moment. Technology has certainly improved, some of the robots are scarily destructive these days.

Pretty much already the case in the air(where the relative lack of clutter and greater uniformity of navigational conditions makes life easier for robots). Missile defenses have to be turned on; but don’t generally rely on human reflexed to actually hit anything.

Time to start paying dues for Mr Lee’s Greater Hong Kong.

Awesomely good fun, but I want to see more cutesy paintjobs, please, this is from Japan after all.
My favourite bouts are where one bot merely steps aside to let the other throw itself from the ring.

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