John Henry the samurai racing a tireless killer robot


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This is not a samurai, any more than the High Elf who killed the car was a knight.


I’m seeing nothing but 3 minutes of scrolling text. Am I missing something?


[qoute] that makes mean, abstract ceramic coil-pots. [/qoute]

Yes, but can it reach around you heartbreakingly to teach you how to make pots while wearing Whoopie Golberg as a vessel after it dies?


Not sure. But that’s all I see too. Weird, eh?


Here you go!


! ! ! ! ! !
(near end of 1st paragraph of 3 minutes of scrolling text)
! ! ! ! ! !


i like how at the end when he bows the ‘arm’, hes bowing to himself. they just motion captured his movements to program the ‘arm’. that was actually fucken awesome.


“Arm the robots with swords,” they said.
“What could possibly go wrong?” they said…


I just see scrolling text too from the embedded link. But I am able to view the video at


Holy shit that is a fast robot :smile:


“Screw the Three Laws, these clowns just handed me a sword and taught me how to use it.”


No, but it can teach a mean DP masterclass while recreating Murderboats in Dwarf Fortress NG wearing young Patrick Swayze. You’ll be on the hook to score it, though.


Candyfactory Translate renders it as the non-nutrient-extracting ceramic-boned guy and the metal-boned guy chasing each other through a harvest of bamboo with a dark matte, lots of squinting, and some sparkly speedlines. There are all these turning points involving low blood sugar and subtle armored cable replacement.


we already taught a robot Kung Fu

would have sad but hilarious to remix this with one of Doozers with the yellow helmets flopping in half in the background.


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