Fights on planes 400% more likely when there's a first class section

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This study is garbage. Here’s a statistician’s takedown of all the weird assumptions underlying it: [/quote]

Came here to explain why this was garbage, but he did a much better job of it than I would have, so I will just leave with “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything.”


Like that chocolate study a couple years back:

Here’s a dirty little science secret: If you measure a large number of things about a small number of people, you are almost guaranteed to get a “statistically significant” result. Our study included 18 different measurements—weight, cholesterol, sodium, blood protein levels, sleep quality, well-being, etc.—from 15 people. (One subject was dropped.) That study design is a recipe for false positives.

Came here to point this out. Violence in the fist class section? Well, duh!

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I’m not sure if you’re serious or joking here; but most people in first class are pleasant enough; there are some real assholes who will fly first and be demanding jackoffs. There’s likely to be just as many nasty people, percentage wise, in coach as there are in first (although some of the attitudes are going to be different, more entitlement in first I’d think).

I fly first class domestically myself whenever I can afford it (and premium economy or business internationally; not quite doing well enough for first there :wink: ), and I do it because it is a less stressful travel method for me. I don’t demand first, but I will do it when I can (I have a long-haul coming up in economy, it can be rough depending on who is nearby).

It was just a possible alternative explanation for the study results.

I’ve met more rich jerks than poor jerks, but that’s just my own experience, and not any sort of scientific sampling. I have dinner with a bunch of 1%ers once a year, around Xmas, and it’s usually somewhat appalling…


Why have you not credited the author of the accompanying picture in this post? Who is it by? Do you have permission to recreate it? I like it, but I’d also like to know who made it.

Whenever I walk through first class I usually think “Man, next time I’m booking earlier so I can afford a good seat.” (and one time “OMG Wil Wheaton’s on my flight!”) First Class has nothing to do with the guy in coach who won’t stop elbowing me, and that’s what makes me mad.

This year I managed to book early enough for our vacation that coach seats were only about $40 less than first class seats (thanks Alaska!) I’m gonna be one of the nasty rich people!


ty for the link - so it is per flight, not per person flight or per person flight hours.

SHHHH! Don’t give away my secret! Domestic first class isn’t awfully expensive compared to economy as long as you do it right, and it’s so much nicer (free booze, an okay meal so I don’t have to hunt down food at the terminal, bigger seat, 12x the tier points). It’s really international first class that’s the really expensive ticket; but there are alternatives to getting crammed up there. Premium economy usually has the same seats as domestic first and those tend to be about 50% more than economy (comparing the lowest priced fare basis) and business class is still really swanky. Many airlines have lie-flats for the business class and pretty good multi-course meals. I’m excited that I’ve managed to swing a business class seat for a trip to Ireland I’m taking soon :slight_smile:

It seems like most people on Alaska book regular tickets and then try to pay for the upgrade when they check in. So first class is always full. Although to be fair I’m usually flying on the smaller planes which have a grand total of 16 first-class seats.

Every time I (reluctantly) fly, the airlines start differentiating the passengers in the gangway lobby. Pre-boarding, VIP-Platinum Awards Members, First Class, Gold awards members, Copper associates, Poodle Owners, Active Duty Military, regular coach, THEN the class of seat I was able to afford.


It’s not just you. Rich people are, statistically speaking, less empathetic than the rest of us. Wealth really does make a difference in people’s attitudes and behavior.


Southwest and JetBlue are all one class, although some planes have some rows that are slightly upgraded, i.e. a few more inches of legroom.

I’ve never understood the logic of having first-class passengers board first when they’re at the front of the plane. It holds up boarding for the rest of the plane so they can… sit just a few minutes longer in the same seat they’re about to spend several hours in? Some perk.


The seats are much more comfortable than the coach ones, and far more comfortable than the seats in most terminals, you get first dibs on overhead bin space (which is always at a super premium these days), and often enough you’ll get a preflight drink. It didn’t make that much sense to me until I started flying first on occasion.

I’ve been on a number of discount flights that didn’t have any. JetBlue I guess? It’s been awhile.

For me, the biggest factor is whether people have to pay for the first piece of luggage checked. Not because I mind paying for luggage so much … mostly because of how miserable loading and unloading the plane becomes.

Someone should do a study on whether those fights are happening on flights with first checked luggage free. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ergo, income inequality makes people unhappy…

…or first-class passengers are real assholes

Again with the “fist class”


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