Fill a pocket sketchbook, send it, watch it tour the globe

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i went to the little “library” of these books in williamsburg brooklyn… well I just happened upon it. While I admire the idea conceptually, practically, it is just shelves and shelves and shelves of tiny books with content so random as to be nearly useless unless you have the name of a specific person you are looking for and ask them to dig it out (you can’t peruse the books on the shelf… they are carefully organized and you need a librarian (for lack of better word) to pull it for you…

when there is so much content, and so little curation, it just seems like so many piles of garbage… I don’t mean that it actually IS garbage. I know every one of those books was carefully filled by an artist or writer. But there’s just no way to absorb it. No way to find the good stuff in the crowd. And it’s a very large crowd.

So it’s pretty much a cleverly disguised metaphor for the internet. Genius!

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