FILM: 'Calling All Earthlings' explores Integratron Time Machine of UFO 'contactee' George Van Tassel


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Don’t forget to pack a lunch, outer space is a long ways from the grocery store.


He wasn’t even trying. Look, he’s got the flux capacitor wired all backwards!


I feel like I’ve heard of this before.


I know a couple people who really should not watch this. It just feeds the crazy.


Well I thought I knew this place and all this new age talk. I saw this treco in an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.


So name-dropping Tesla for bullshit is older than I thought.


@Flossaluzitarin can you sort this out for us?


I’m using Tesla Technology right now!


“Treco”: thanks for the new word! Urban dictionary defines it roughly as “asshole”, but gives no origin. Where did you pick it up?


Treco is a Brazilian portuguese Slang that means thing, object, contraption, device, gadget or Just a piece of Junk.


Someone who builds a dome in the desert after supposedly having contact with aliens sounds an awful lot like Pacific Islanders building dummy airplanes out of bamboo after having contact with US Naval pilots during the war.


Cool. I saw that definition but wasn’t sure if it was connected. Makes sense though.

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