Man builds massive extraterrestrial face in his backyard to attract them


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What happens when they get there? Huh?

You ever taken long road trip? When you get out of the car and the roadside attraction isn’t what you thought, and there the amenities aren’t culturally what you are used to, how do you feel?

Not like having a nice chat on the porch. I wouldn’t trick aliens.


Why wouldn’t they just think it’s a warning?


Hey, it worked for attracting monkeys to the Americas.

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So Larry, what do you think would happen if the aliens that DO visit are those small-chin aliens’ biggest enemies, eh?


That would be easier to take care of than some raised beds… not so many tasty tomatoes though.


I built a 3 story bong to attract weed, nothing’s happened yet though.


Well OK! Debbie Downer!


Should work very well…


Heh it was growing all by itself in my parents urban back yard years ago now. Not sure how big my mom let it get before uprooting it.


It’s the thought that counts!


mars tried this on us already and it diddn’t really work


That looks a lot more like a chameleon than a monkey to me.


Looked like a monkey puking to me.


Dude should really have checked with his proctologist first. Some folks can’t handle lots of probing.

(or, you know. . . so I’ve heard.)



Someone please tell the Scarlett Johansson robot guy that this is a ‘far’ better use of free time and money. :alien:



We already invited them to.


They fix the cable?