Film chat: Wonder Woman (spoilers)

I missed out on all the other threads, but caught a few articles on Jezebel before seeing it. So there is a little slant there.

I thought it was great, but I thought the romance was added for box office performance. (Or as an emotional shortcut)

I thought Steve could still have been as effective a character without it. And how the relationship would develop was easy to see from pretty much the get-go.

I did quite like the symmetry of a female Villain. I think we need more, even if this one didn’t get the usual treatment of “evil for the sake of evil”.

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I’m guessing by “romance” you mean the few seconds of heavy breathing up in the room after liberating the village? Seemed pretty innocuous to me…as well as de rigueur for both film grammar and the genre.

Or do you mean something else?

No quotes around it. They set up a budding romance (including the sex scene) between the two characters to give the ending death more punch. And it was evident that Steve was a love interest from the get-go.

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this was less terrible than Batman vs Superman, but still pretty bad. I’m not the target audience for this though, I think they need to stop making superhero movies, we need a break of about 20 years I think.

Not even comparable. This plot at least made sense, and the fight scenes not so long they lost meaning.


Yes, the plot at least was pretty straight forward, had a simple linear narrative which helped a lot. The cast was better too - Gadot isn’t an amazing actress or anything, but this isn’t exactly a weighty role were talking about here so it wasn’t a big deal (I was cringing pretty hard on that final shot where she leaped off the building though), she’s also unfeasibly pretty, which helped. Thewlis and Pine were solid, and the rest of the supporting cast was pretty good too. CG was good and not too much going on to make the scenes incomprehensible, which is often a problem with these recent superhero flicks. The final fight scene I did find slightly annoying, at the start her and her fellow Amazonians seem like slightly tougher/faster humans, and those scenes were good, but by the end she was bouncing around the place like Superman, which certainly came in handy for the final battle, but seemed like bit of a McGuffin (was she always supposed to be that powerful? I never read the comics, just remember the tv show). So while I didn’t actually find all that much wrong with it that I can put my finger on, my overall feeling was that it’s just more of the same pointless nonsense that the studios have been regurgitating up for over a decade now (this was more competently directed than the previous DC movies at least), it’s all getting increasingly boring to me.

Okay, I liked the film well enough but… no, the plot didn’t really make sense. It makes sense in that the main characters have a good reason for what they’re doing at any given point, but if you look at what goes on overall, it’s a mess. I mean, Ares supposedly wants the armistice to happen because reasons. I’ll assume he knew that WWII would happen later on. At the same time, however, he’s pushing the Germans into developing a new supergas that they can use to commit war crimes that will insure the armistice doesn’t come to pass. It’s not even like he stops trying to inspire Dr. Poison once the armistice planning starts. He goes right on and keeps doing it.

Of course the whole gas plot doesn’t really work either, because the whole point of the gas is that it eats through gasmasks. But they don’t plan to use it on the front. They plan to drop it on London, where people don’t tend to walk around with gasmasks, so they really could have done that whenever they wanted anyway.

And then by the end of the film, they foil the gas bombing and ensure the armistice is signed… which was apparently what Ares wanted all along… so the whole film could be avoided if Ares wasn’t inexplicably working against his own goals.

Still more sensical than B v. S.

So, it is a bit Meta, but I enjoyed it more knowing that she served in the IDF as a combat trainer.

Yes. She’s a demigod, but she didn’t know that. The reasons that she finally gets to tap into that power are, I agree, flimsy - but she isn’t a “regular” Amazon from the start.

I don’t think anyone really enjoyed that final fight sequence. It was a boring CGI-fest.

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[quote=“ActuallyARegular, post:3, topic:102968, full:true”]
No quotes around it. They set up a budding romance (including the sex scene) between the two characters to give the ending death more punch.[/quote]
If he died. All we know is his airship blew up.

And it was evident that Steve was a love interest from the get-go.

In the comics he was the love interest for many years.

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