Film noir gets a hilarious send-up in the short film “The Case Of The Gilded Lily”

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I’ll stick with the original.


i spell my name danger !! no , wait , autocomplete types my name , i no longer recall it - - but , anyway , i would like to order a pizza - - after i deflate my shoes , of course !!



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I was never really taken with the Perry Mason books, but Earl Stanley Gardner wasn’t a bad writer. But I remember well that for some odd reason the Undergraduate Library (non-existent now) at UT Austin had his den, exactly as it was when he died, hidden on the fourth floor where virtually no one went. God only knows what happened to it.

edit: Well of course the study is now at the Harry Ransom Center, just not intact as it was. Kind of a shame, really.

Much fun. I’ve subscribed.

It did go a little long, started to drag. Looks like they tried to make it a cohesive, complete plot instead of just doing the jokes and getting out. The Dash character wasn’t of the genre and felt extraneous. Losing him would have taken out the 5 minutes that needed to go. Just constructive criticism. I’m headed back to watch their other stuff now.

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