"The Heist" pokes fun at big-budget Hollywood capers


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Is the post tag also satrie?


BIG hiest. The biggest. Obama did nothing. SAT!




what utter unoriginal, uninspired, over-played group of cliches…when can I have it?


I love the way the credits are longer than the movie


I’d pay $12 to watch that.


Fix tags please:

comedy / Funny / parody / satrie / video

It should be Sartre, right? Or Satie?


Billy Piper? Oh my!


But they aren’t. I checked.


I’m using non-linear time, d’uh.



Reminds me of:


I seem to recall that Mamet’s “Heist” was sort of “meta.”

I like the genre.Not all films make the most of the stock elements, but there are some outstanding films in the genre. Shame that so few of the films pass the Bechdel test, but that’s because the filmmakers aren’t trying hard enough.

I thought Le Cercle Rouge was a great film, but the deformable bullet gimmick didn’t grab me like the umbrella in Rififi.


Brilliant! But let’s do it with bi-sexual, Polynesian, visually challenged womyn!
And change the street urchin to an overweight persian cat.


I do love me a good heist film. Sure, the genre can be one of the most formulaic, but a good one pulls you in with swiss watch timing and group chemistry while still being able to throw a novel plot twist.
Also agreed that women could use some better representation in them.

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