Shia LaBeouf plagiarism accusation of the day


so? free market for purchases if not production. who is shia lebeouf anyway?

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I think I’ll go with ‘deluded self-centered megalomaniac’ for the moment.


Too bad we can’t clone him.


At this point I’m not really sure that he himself isn’t just a copy of someone else.

How far down does the Shia go?


The amazing part is plagiarizing a statement about how original and unique he is.


I’ll go with misunderstood genius that everyone keeps imitating before he does it first.


Honestly, as someone who has worked in marketing (technical products) - people plagiarize that kind of thing all the time. I mean, it’s a little spot on, but I don’t think a description like this is going to be a unique piece of writing no matter how much time he put into it. Now the comics and stuff really ought to be a creative output.

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He’s financially set for life, yes? Transformers 1,2,3, Indiana Jones, etc? I’m not calling him Andy Kaufman, but this situation might be hilarious from his end.


This has to turn out to be a movie trailer. It’s not possible to be real?

positive he hasn’t been?

I can only hope “got lebeouf” will replace “got beef” for all instances of art theft.

This would be something if it was all just the start of an elaborate ARG.

Maybe it’s some sort of mental disorder.

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I’m going with elaborate Joaquin Phoenix “I’m Still Here” style trolling.


Entitled that he is, thought he could get away with it to begin with.

Once called out, he’s deflecting the hate by pretending it’s a “joke” and a “meta art project” and is going full asshole.

Joaquin Phoenix, funny or not, at least started out trying to fuck with people. LaBeouf is a sniveling, plagiarizing, coward, who hides his lack of talent behind this “it’s a joke, phillistines” act. It wasn’t his intention initially.


Shh Shh Shh Shh Shia.
Perhaps a Shia pet is in the offing for the next holiday push? One can only wonder what seeds might be grown on that melon!


Haha, not that he’s doing it on purpose I’ve come full circle and am totally chill with the whole thing.

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It seems like it would have been easier to write that paragraph than to go find one on someone else’s site, and ever so slightly tweak it.

I’m starting to wonder if people are right about this being an elaborate hoax. Maybe Shia doesn’t even really exist, and it’s all part of a long con. Maybe there are ten different people resembling Shia (one of them a woman!), who take turns as the real Shia, and everything he’s ever said or written was lifted from a source out in the world.

Because if you’re plagiarizing something as simple as an About Me paragraph, it’s either that or pathological behavior.

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sigh. all art is theft. damning with faint praise?

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“Why is Picturebox?” WTF does that mean? Are we sure they didn’t plagiarize Shia? At least his first sentence makes sense.