Who is Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing this time: rap group Anomolies

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Oh oh oh! I know what to say here:

Christ, what an asshole.


Captain Picard, care to weigh in on this?


Oh my goodness, he really is f’d up.

His entire career is repeating what others have written and pretending he said it and he’s never been good at it.

Ha, I wasn’t aware of his first plagiarizing much less that he apologized by stealing some more.

Perhaps he’s a performance artist trying to make some subtle commentary…

no…nope just an asshole



At this point Labeef is just making plagiarism his ‘thing’. Also seems very much inspired by that guy who resells other people’s pictures as his work and gets away with it.

I’m waiting for him to bust out with “Plagiarism is a flat circle”.

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Eh, seriously?

I think Shia LaBeouf seems like an ass generally (although I appreciated his collaboration on the utterly amazing Shia LeBeouf song), and I think his attempting to pretend that plagiarizing was “performance art” was completely asinine, but this really seems like a load of nothing.

He adds two lines from some other song at the end of what appears to be two and a half minutes of otherwise genuine freestyle.

A) Rap artists do this all the time, because rap is a medium that works well with cutting and splicing bits of each other’s songs, and B) sometimes you just get a piece of someone’s song in your head that you want to spit out.

It would be different if he were trying to sell this as “My Own Rap that I Totally Came Up With Myself,” but it looks like he was showing off for a group of friends/fans, one of whom uploaded a video. If a friend of mine was freestyling, and added a line or two from some other song, who would care?

I’m all for Shia LeBeouf pile-ons, but this is just silly.



Jesus what happened to this kid? He looks rough.

Was most of it “original” and he threw in a couple “bit rhymes”. Because that isn’t too bad as far as amateur white rappers go.

Perhaps he is actually an android made by Elon Musk or someone, where he can’t create, only replicate what he sees, and he doesn’t have the ability to tell the difference.

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I guess when you become known as the shameless repeat plagiarism guy even the smallest slip-ups get noticed? There’s probably people running searches on pretty much anything he says or does nowadays.

I’m with SamSam on this. At no point did he ever state that he wrote any of this.

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I’m with SamSam on this. At no point did he ever state that he wrote any of this.


It is known.

Nice try, Shia. We can tell it’s you.


Shia, there’s a sign on the door: “No Biting Allowed.”
that’s it.

see also: MC Lyte “10% Dis”

Yet the media (including this) keeps propagating his work. Talk about a feedback loop.

Read Simulacra and Simulation.