Watching paint dry: epic crowfunded troll of the UK film censorship board


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I was under the impression that the bbfc was very well regarded amongst organisations of its type, being very open about how ratings are arrived at (in contrast to the mpaa). If they’re ok by Mark Kermode, they’re ok by me.


I agree that they have a reputation for being less capricious than the MPAA. But the MPAA are a voluntary rating system, whereas the BBFC can basically outlaw your movie. I can understand why some artists object to having a censorship board.


Doesn’t this amount to a large donation to the organization he opposes?


I think round about the 13-hour mark he should stick in some indecorous dancing. Just to check he’s getting his money’s worth.

ETA: Also crowfunded. I like crowfunded.


That’s what I thought as well. I’d also note that their title is the “British Board of Film Classification” which is a lot closer to their actual role. Most films are passed uncut, and they really do act as an information service, not a censorship board.

The real target of the protest is probably the funding mechanism, which does appear to hit small, indie producers. But it’s difficult to see how to fund this otherwise, because if it’s paid for by general taxation, that would make them worryingly susceptible to government pressure.

Finally, interestingly enough, the power to ban or allow the showing of a film doesn’t even lie with the BBFC. Local councils have the final say within their areas.

UK film censors forced to watch a 2-day long movie of paint drying

Why wouldn’t they just play the thing at 10x speed and slow down if they spot something? Are they required to watch at real time?


He’s paying by the minute for their time, so if they speed it up he’d better get a discount.


“It costs £7.09/minute to get your movie rated by the BBFC – about £1000 per movie.”



Up until the mid '80s, they were known as the British Board of Film Censors, and they certainly have banned films in the past. Perhaps they don’t anymore.

Yeah, but the BBFC holds a lot of sway. Local councils usually just go along with its judgements.


I know crows can be generous to humans they like, but I think it’s a bit optimistic to expect them to provide actual money. You’re most likely to get a pile of bottlecaps, beads, and candy wrappers.

(Slightly more) seriously, I hope one of the stretch goals is a “Making of…” video.


No - a very very small donation. What’s a thousand to a government?


Will the DVD have director’s commentary?


With some good enough weed it could be fun to watch.


And friends.

Even with the herb, it’ll get pretty dry without someone else to riff with.


I dunno. After a few hours, I really think everyone is going to hit a wall in regard to making new jokes.


An even better reason to bring friends. And alcohol.


Thought: Watching Paint Dry, the MST3K version.


Should I not admit that I’d watch that?


So, basically, he’s crowdfunding the equivalent of screaming at the tech support guy because the CEO decided to stop supporting your software.

No one who is in any way responsible for the censorship laws will ever see a single frame of this film.