10-hour movie of paint drying receives "U" rating from British censors


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Not censure



The movie is a protest against the UK’s bizarrely resurgent censors

Source for this? With the exception of this project I’ve always heard good things (at least since the bad old video nasty days)


An appropriate sequel would be Grass Growing After a Good Rain. However, Parliament must be made to watch it.


Hated, hated, hated this movie!


While I’m sure there are fans that won’t like this, but isn’t that already a popular pastime in America? I believe it’s called baseball?


You may be confused. Baseball is the game where people obsessively observe and mark down player statistics. Perhaps you were thinking of golf?


I think this whole project is focusing on the entirely wrong thing. Yes, if an entity requires certification then that entity damn well better view/review/check the entire product.

Are there issues with random things flagged as offensive by different people, I’m sure there are. Does the whole system place an undue burden on indie filmmakers by charging by the minute, you sure bet it does.

Neither of those things get addressed by this.

How about a searchable database of past reviews and flagged items so that if your film gets flagged for heavy-furry-petting, you can search and find that three other films with said content were approved in 1984. If nothing else, this would document the (maybe) overly-puritan leanings of the board.

How about proposing a change to pricing, so that big budget releases subsidize indie films, or that indie films qualify for some kind of grant.

Nope. We made a guy watch paint try for 10 hours for the lolz. Didn’t even try for a get-the-1000th-minute-free-deal.


I’m not sure how paying someone $400 an hour to watch a boring movie even qualifies as a protest.

Anyone want to throw me in that briar patch?


I was hoping they snuck a very short clip of porn into the middle somewhere, just to make sure the censors watched the entire thing.


I wonder if there’d be a way to make this recursive. To film the censors watching a film of the paint drying, force them to watch that while filming it, etc etc.

Potentially this could become a censor’s full time job.


The trick is making the filming of it profit the £7 per minute that the screening end costs.


If ever a film cried out for a good editor…


If you’re a paint fetishist, this film is the equivalent of an 8 hour money shot. I can’t believe they gave it a U.

Also, WHERE"S THE TRIGGER WARNING for brick rights advocates? This is straight up brixploitation, and the censorship board’s approval simply affirms and normalizes it. I am appalled.


It’s simple: they’re trying to whitewash over the BRA’s fight to remain bare in public.


A concert documentary of Cowboy Junkies.

Previously. Previously.

Picking up the JWZ style, eh? :slight_smile: Hopefully you’ll resist the anger.


Dammit, man! You just made me snort.


“Field of Dreams”


Interestingly it’s not the only recent film that’s still comprehensible even at 12X speed.