TCM offers free course in film noir movies

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What!? And there I was, paying tuition like a chump! (Of course, tuition was about $150 a class, which even in the early 90s wasn’t a whole lot of money.)

I think you mean Muncie, Indiana (not Indianapolis)

Huh, that’s cool. TCM is probably the only TV channel whose absence I occasionally rue. Robert Osborne said interesting things about films and actors and did neat interviews from time to time, ditto Ben Mankiewicz. Their guest programming (dunno if they still do it) was also entertaining.

I lived in Muncie for years, and BSU’s media department was pretty highly regarded (ditto their architecture programs). They got a new building and named it after Letterman, since he’s an alumnus. Nice to see this coming out of BSU.

/edit: and they didn’t have ads I think? And their own self-promo stuff was always neat in my recollection. For instance, Alan Rickman was programming or being interviewed or something and they did a spot with him where he just drew things in the air with light and mused about how Humphrey Bogart inspired him, and it was short and well-shot and pertinent to the programming and cool.

It just struck me the the station was coherent to watch whereas every other channel was a smorgasbord of unrelated shit bombarding you.

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