Final Fantasy XIV officially reveals newest expansion

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Pretty sure this was being demo’d at the (ridiculously huge) Yodobashi Akiba store in Tokyo. Tons of folks sitting watching gameplay.

People were allowed to watch (but not film) what they saw. Crowd seemed psyched.


Okay, I’m pondering cosplaying street food right now!

The speculation is that the expansion will unlock the Pirate/Corsair class, based on the pretty heavy handed maritime theming in here, and that this will be a very lighthearted expansion.

I haven’t played FF14 in a few years but I was really amazed by the high quality of the writing in the game, plus the dedication of the game leader to have a consistent, driving story. GW2 comes to mind as far as giant stories go, but their writing has been all over the place while FF14 seemed to get better with every expansion. Shadowbringers, and its followup story bits, was so powerful I felt like I needed a mental break after. Didn’t play Endwalker but my understanding is that it was the same.

It might be pretty abrupt to go from intense, world is ending and you’re at least partially responsible, to hey, let’s pillage the village! They do have an existing treasure map system that is fairly fun though.

Pillaging seems unlikely. That’s Erenville in the teaser on the boat with the Meteor Survivor. The player meets him in Endwalker in his role as a specimen collector for the very academic nation of Sharlayan. Naoki Yoshida said during the keynote at the North American Fan Fest that the player will go to Tural to aid in a rite of succession and the Sharlayans have an established sea route to there. A possible response during the “Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures” quests summed up the Sharlayan attitude towards other nations quite well. “The Sharlyans would sooner flee the star than subdue it.”

That said, I’m not discounting corsair. I really enjoy how ambiguous the t-shirt hint for one of the new jobs has been this time around. Here’s one of my favorite guesses:

reddit response by TypedDifference: The TMNT were taught by Splinter.  Splinter has coarse hair.  CORSAIR CONFIRMED.

ETA: I would also add that, while it might be a melee DPS job now, back in 1.0 there was a musketeer guild.

With how many changes the world went through from 1.0 to ARR, I really doubt they would’ve left the Musketeer guild in the game if they were never going to eventually use it for something.

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