Zoe Quinn and Chuck Tingle are making an amazing game


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Is this ironic? I can’t even tell anymore.


And of course the idiots are collectively flipping their shit, and brigading everything about this. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so depressing and dangerous.

(Way to not be obsessed, guys.)


Love it. Love her. Keeping doing what you’re doing Zoe! Amazeballs.


Not this Tingle though right?


It’s great just to know something like this exists. Quinn & Tingle are just the ticket to push dating sims to new weird heights.


If tingle and Zoe aren’t here already, I will have a sad.


There’s a lovely irony in all this. #Germergoat went after Zoe supposedly because she had gotten a bunch of press attention by sleeping with journalists, making her enviably rich and famous (unlike the aspiring gamemaking gamertaints thwarted efforts to get attention for their half-assed, unfinished Final Fantasy clones they made in RPGMaker). The reality was that she a) got attention from writers she didn’t even know for doing something different and interesting and b) it wasn’t actually that much attention - a few mentions - that certainly wasn’t going to make her any money off of her free game. Now though? All that harassment propelled her into the national spotlight. I’m sure the harassment is hell to live with, but it’s done more for her career than what germergoat imagined - and feared - to begin with.

The added bonus is this game should be a hoot.


Well, I have never seen them in the same room together at the same time, so…


As should be the book tie-ins. “Pounded in the ass by the game development process”?


There’s your game journalism.


But…is it Ethical?


Ethically Pounded in the Ass By C++


I love the irony of this. It’s like a new version of the Streisand effect where being an asshole because someone else is getting attention causes them to get even more.


The Sarkeesian effect?


As a game developer, that sounds exactly like an accurate description of the typical game development process.

And the thing was, she wasn’t actually getting much attention in the first place - the thing that so upset #germergoat wasn’t actually true until they made it so. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy, except instead of a prophecy it’s a delusional belief. (“Self-realizing delusional belief”?)



Reminds me of the Tingle title, “Banged in the Butt By Amazeballs with Amazeballs.”


That guy has his finger on the pulse of the American reader…


So squee over this. I’d buy a Tingler game in a heartbeat, but adding Quinn’s love of weird shit and deep cuts of gaming oddness (FMV! Dating sim!) is icing on the twisted, multi-dimensional cake with great abs.