Fire breaks out at Tesla factory with 'history of frequent fires' reported

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Whenever I hear about suspicious fires at a Tesla facility I immediately suspect arson carried out on behalf of either Thomas Edison or J.P. Morgan.



Yeah, this sounds massively suspicious, not like, firebug suspicious (though that last one sounds exactly arsonish enough for me…).
There’s probably a manager somewhere in there who refuses to replace something, or whatever, either for…reasons…or because they like starting fires.

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I was concerned it was lithium doing its thing. But no, just paint and cardboard. That’s not quite so bad.

Not sure where I first encountered the story about the big 1993 sodium fire in Newton, MA, but it’s not easy to forget.



This isn’t an accident. It’s multiple systemic failures and total disrespect for basic OSH. At some point, someone’s going to die. That’s not hyperbole, that’s what happens when your company cuts safety corners in the name of profit.


why is the news suddenly reporting problems with Elon Musk’s businesses? has he committed some kind of social sin? Same thing w/ Madonna. Yes, I’m out of touch, please enlighten me.

Calling the guy that helped rescue a whole teenage soccer team a pedophile?

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My first thought was that there might be people behind the scenes getting increasingly frustrated with delays in the Model 3. But I’ve also been told that someone standing up for green transportation is inherently threatening to those in power who see the free availability of clean air and water as some kind of affront, and perhaps those people are eager to seek his downfall.

Or it could be that his behavior has genuinely become more erratic as of late and journalists are eager to see what nuttiness he might be up to next, so they may report on it and acquire traffic.

Or maybe some combination of both.

Probably because far from being this benevolent philanthropist he seems to make himself out as it’s increasingly becoming clear that he’s just a colossal arsehole who can’t take any sort of criticism from journalists or, it appears, from rescuers of children trapped in caves.


Being known as the industrial facility where things catch on fire too frequently lends credence to the earlier reports that worker safety measures re being ignored.

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