Fire-breathing, twisting backflipper sets world record

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And, he did it on concrete pavers. That’s some pretty serious risk there.

O_o this looks like it could easily be beat. By him even. Just have a go with out that first flub. Also learn to do them with the bottle in hand.

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I didn’t think that could be boring to watch. But then I watched some of it.


Holding a can of flammable liquid while you spin in the air and blow some out your mouth onto an open flame is reeeeaaaaallllllyyyy pushing the safety bit. As it stands, he could fail, crack his head on the ground, the fuel could flow onto his face and clothes and ignite, but only as much as he held in his mouth a couple of tablespoons, maybe. Enough to hurt him, loose an eyebrow or three, but probably too small an amount to do REAL damage unless he was left unattended.

Falling with a bottle full of white gas holding a torch is a recipe for going up like like a like a wicker man and collecting some wicked burn scars, at the very least.

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The real danger from firebreathing is the chemical pneumonia if you inhale even a few droplets. That can be months of lying on your back, having your lungs excruciatingly hoovered several times a day, if you survive.

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I thought it would be something like Everclear?

Not only wouldn’t that be any safer, Everyclear is either 75% or 90% pure grain alcohol (depends which state you get it from. I think only IL still sells the 190 proof stuff.

In either case, while you certainly CAN light it on fire (as countless ‘flaming shot’ videos will show), it’s a pale bluish flame, and much harder to see in the sunlight. While it may be just as dangerous as kerosene or gas, it wouldn’t make for a very good display.

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I’ve had regular pneumonia more times than I can count, so yeah, I could imagine would SERIOUSLY suck. (no pun intended)

Important safety tip kids: When firebreathing, DO NOT INHALE.

On second thought that sounds about right, thanks for reminder

  1. Don’t smoke
  2. Don’t smoke weed
  3. Don’t breathe fire
  4. Don’t be a glass blower.

These are my rules. I’ve terrible lungs to start with. Fortunately, none of these get in the way of video gaming.

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