Firefighter rescues suicidal woman


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I guess that is one way to do it.
Good work keeping quiet enough so the person below doesn’t hear.


The ff did it perfectly. I wonder if they train for that.



In this week’s episode of Ninja Firefighter


Firefighter rescues suicidal woman

Lets try to fix that.

Firefighter pushes suicidal woman to safety

Firefighter powns suicidal woman

Firefighter sucker kicks suicidal woman

not quite right - a little help?


Damn. He saved the hell out of her.


Firefighter prevents woman from committing suicide by kicking her in the chest.

Mm. Not ‘front page ready’.


if this had happened in America, try: Firefighter Gets Sued After Saving Woman’s Life


It’s also possible to die from a fall like that onto a hard floor.


“Rescues” is a subjective term. This person was prevented from killing themself.

…with a kick to the solar plexus.


Yeah, well, her original plan was a pretty sure thing.


It’s surprising what the human body can survive. And equally surprising how a seemingly minor trauma taken in just the wrong way can instantly kill you.


Now that’s what I call entertainment! Thanks for allowing us to play voyeur to this woman’s misery boingboing. While we wait for the next vid, are there any software developer courses you could sell me?


Ninja, yes that was a ninja move.


How about “Firefighter Breaks Suicidal Woman’s Neck?”


Wasn’t that basically the set up on The Incredibles?


Another option is the Mel Gibson way: “Do you really wanna jump?”



Yeah, people are both vastly tougher and a lot more fragile than we tend to think.