Firefighters demo "safe" turkey fryer — which hilariously bursts into flames (video)

I do love that song, though.

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:notes: Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Montag. :notes:

Put the thawed turkey in the empty pot, fill it with water just above the turkey, just.

Remove the turkey and mark the water level. That’s how much oil to put in, not a drop more.

We fried a turkey many years ago, it was good and fun standing around outside but nothing special.

What was special was realizing you can fry a whole lot of other stuff in that thing.

For a few years, all summer long me and the neighbor were frying everything that wasn’t nailed down. We even bought a wall mounted commercial french fry cutter.

Our 22 pound turkey has been deboned and is in the oven even as I type this.

We’re going to the Detroit parade in the morning and don’t want to fool with cooking tomorrow.

The Instant Pot mashed potatoes are also done, 10 lbs for me and my wife and maybe our daughter and husband.

Everything else is getting frozen for easy meals for a couple months.

Except the pies, those ain’t gettin’ frozen.


Volume of a Turkey

The Volume of a Turkey calculator approximates the volume of a turkey based on its weight and the mean density of poultry. 1)

Other Fry a Turkey Calculators:

  • How big of a turkey do we need?
  • Time to Deep Fry a Turkey
  • Time to Thaw a Frozen Turkey
  • Oil Displaced by a Turkey
  • Volume of a Bird Fryer
  • Volume of a Rectangular Fryer
  • Volume of a Circular Fryer
  • Oil needed for Turkey Fryer
  • Convert Kitchen Units

1) Arguably the one calculation where “assume X is spherical” really is close enough to the real thing.


I just bought turkey legs this year, deboned them, removed the tendons (serious pita), added meat glue, seasoning, joined them together and rolled them into a roulade, then cooked sous vide and then quickly deep fried them. The compact roulade is so much easier to deep fry.

Still it was delicious (I made three roulades and had early Thanksgiving). In fact, it was so good I got another couple turkey legs to freeze in case I want to make another when turkey is less easy to come by.


Yeesh, those leg tendons are a pita after they’re cooked! They remind me of the brush wires that fall off of street sweepers. I can’t imagine doing that raw. Glad it was tasty. Happy Thanksgiving!


Yes, once again (and @Jerry_Sneede), this is a known issue and you can find more info over in the non-moderation question thread…

Sorry I don’t have direct link to the discussion, but if you look towards the end of the list, you’ll find it.

The pot was overfilled with oil, and the turkey was dipped too quickly. No, it does not look like the firefighters did everything right: they deliberately set it up for a dramatic fire, which was the whole point of the demonstration.

Yeah, where was their immediately available baking soda thrower or electronic fire suppressor?

Here’s the facebook post

“If you don’t want this scenario”

Those are important words. The people best equiped to show us what could go wrong are firefighters (and other trained professionals.) If a TV station tried to do this, they could end up incinerating the TV studio and reporting live from a burn ward.

The turkey looked a little white. Still frozen?

Fun! Now, do the surface, please. :grimacing:


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