Firefighters demo "safe" turkey fryer — which hilariously bursts into flames (video)

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Looks pretty intentional to me.


Yeah…I’m assuming they felt it was an obvious joke.


This is like the third article I’ve seen this week decrying deep-frying turkeys. Did the peanut oil lobby tighten their purse-strings or something? I’ve deep-fried dozens of turkeys, and never had even a mild mishap. I love the flavor, the lower cooking time, and the crispy skin. Only spatchcocking approaches deep-frying, IMO.


It can be done safely, of course, but it’s not like deep frying fried chicken that’s been cut up into 8 smaller pieces and breaded. The fryers are big, they require a lot of oil, the birds are big, and people are idiots. Not you. You’re good. But in general, people are idiots.

According to the National Fire Protection Association: deep fryer fires cause an average of 5 deaths, 60 injuries and more than $15 million in property damage each year.


Clearly they’re the Department that Sparks Fire.


Cooking the turkey in the rotisserie is the right answer to this question.

  1. I know they are being funny, yet, they didn’t mention the one helpful tip, not to put in a frozen turkey (what they’re probably doing here).

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Waxing nostalgic here for the time that our group (along with several others at our site) were given fire extinguisher training. A long queue was formed up outdoors with individuals given a chance to extinguish a modestly sized open flame set up by the facility’s fire fighters. After being given how-to instructions by the trainer, each person in turn was handed an extinguisher and instructed to have at it. About three-quarters of the way through the class, the firemen had a tough time getting the brickette-pan-flame-thingy going again, so the remaining trainees were instructed to discharge the extinguisher at the pan as is, that is, dead, at least to verify that the extinguisher was being operated properly… and even as the one extinguisher was beginning to die out. Chuckles throughout that end game – even from some of the firefighters. “Okay, okay, keep it moving! Gotta get you Einsteins back to work!”


He has no problems when making omelets, though.



You are doing The Good Work™ — the music video remix getting posted to all topics of turkey frying is spreading the plan of keeping William Shatner safe from turkey fryer fires.

Never forget the Dingle-Dangle.


There are so many ways it can go wrong, even a little bit of hot oil sputtering up out of the pot and into the fire, which looks like what happened here.

Agreed. I’m not even going to bother with another method anymore. In fact, this year I plan to fully break down the turkey and remove the leg/thigh sections and wings. Even though they cook evenly, I found that the turkey was too large to fit on a sheet pan without any overhang and grease dripped into my oven and made a nasty, smoky mess. I’m hoping by breaking it down I can fit it on one pan with no overhang. I’m also going to line the bottom of my oven in foil like I should have last year.

Also; my absolute favorite leftover meal is Posole. Turkey and pork have a very similar texture and flavor and since it’s already cooked all I really have to do it prepare the soup and hominy. Yum!


Firefighters like setting things on fire (safely) as much as they like extinguishing them.

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Blimey, I didn’t realise that Fahrenheit 451 was set in the same world as Trumpton?!



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That’s definitely what they did. You can hear it as the frozen water hits the hot oil and instantly boiling. Right after the sound you can see the bubbling cause the oil to splash out and over the sides. Violently. Followed by the now overflowing oil igniting.

They knew what they were doing.

Wonderful recreation of every person that was sure the turkey had thawed and dried, but was wrong. A scenario that is way less destructive when using an oven.

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