Firefox nukes the blink tag


Just in case you still NEED a blink tag :wink:

I wasn’t aware that Firefox had a blink tag, and, personally, could do without it. It reminds me of my old BBS days when Commodore 64 systems had a function called “MCI”. I don’t remember what that really stood for, but we all called it “Moving Cursor Irritant”.

‘…Until the end of days’ just doesn’t mean what it used to.


My head hurts.

It also broke the Google-lucky-search from the address bar.

Sure, it can be restored with a plugin, but I’m getting seriously sick of spending 20 minutes following a Firefox “update” restoring my system to a functional state.

Literally, 2/3 of all the Firefox add-ons I have installed are just to fix old, preferable behavior that was broken via “update,” and the list just keeps growing.


Maybe there are no more unbelievers?

I’m not a fan of the change either, but it’s not broken, exactly. It just uses the same search engine as the search bar now, rather than following a hidden pref (which defaulted to Google). Apparently hijacking that pref was enough of a problem that the security team decided to tie the two together.

Geocities will never be the same!


now if we can get rid of the scourge of animated GIF files, we’d really be getting somewhere.

What about marquee? Do we still have marquee!?

EDIT: We DO! Oh joy, oh rapture!

Blink. And you’ll miss it.

Well, call me crazy (You’re Crazy!), but I think the Blink tag still has a place in modern HTML markup.

There are times when I want to draw particular attention to a word or phrase, and < b >, < em >, < span style=“font-weight:bold;” >, etc. just don’t do enough.

Sure, the tag has been deprecated (is that the right term?), and the official W3 standards no longer list it, but it’s a tiny thing that could’ve been left in the browser’s repertoire.

I’ll miss it, dangit!

Regardless of the aesthetic merits of the tag, <blink> has no place in HTML for the same reason that <font>, <center>, and other such tags don’t. They say nothing about the document’s semantic meaning; their only purpose is to tell the browser how to render text in a visual medium. That is what CSS, not HTML, is for.

whatever you do, do not <blink>

anyhow, the loss of the blink tag is no surprise, it’s been deprecated for like 12 years or more. they shoulda taken the maquee tag out while they were at it…

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Why can I still see it?

Check your Firefox version. It might not have the 23.0 update just yet.


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