Firehouse map has hidden image


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Its not very well “hidden”.


The mountains are not as high as one would expect for that kind of map…


If that’s a USGS map it’s super creepy. They don’t really have a sense of humor about such things. Has anybody compared it to other topo maps of the area?


If you look at the top left corner you’ll notice it’s from the department of the “Exterior”, and all the labels are quite suggestive of the joke.


O ho ho! I thought it said “Interior.” Punk’d!



What problems of sexism and misogyny in firehouses? There’s no problem! Its a joke! Sheesh!


I’ve seen more primitive versions that were used by the army to teach the reading of topographic maps…


I wish this were higher rez, I can’t read the name of that box canyon just NE of Beaver Valley…


They tend to be much bigger when large deposits of silicon are present.


It’s chock full of those jokes.
“North Fork, South Fork, Salad Fork”
“Beaver Valley” “Box Canyon Gulch”
“Tip Reservoir”
“Butte View Mine”
“Consent by J.Horney”
"Prophylactic Projection 1927"
“1000 metre Transvestite Mercator Bed Ticks shown in Red”
“US Route-- Back Door Route”
“Twin Buttes National Pastime”


(really? nobody yet?)

Huge Tracts 'o land!


“Box Canyon Gulch”

–click on image to embiggen,


Its a doggy!

It is a doggy right?

I’m not very good with hidden images.


Firefighters contributing to a hostile work environment for women? I don’t think the image is as well hidden as they think.


Its just a joke! Jeez lady, lighten up! If you can’t take the heat get out of the firehouse! wakka wakka wooo /sigh




(It reads like he was saying the same thing as you.)


(I know? I was being funny… or trying… /sob)