Blue Cut fire raging in California is captured by NASA satellites


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@RatMan is this the fire on the other side of the ridge?


Is he in SoCal?

Hope he’s well clear of that shit, if he is.


I think this is a different fire. This one is near/on the Cajon Pass, and @RatMan’s post mentioned one in San Diego County. But if he’s wetting down buildings, it’s pretty damn close to him.

Stay safe, @RatMan!


Much different fire! Compared to that one, ours is a weenie roast.


No, that one’s a hundred miles away. But it’s been really, really hot and windy in southern California for a couple of days, and that makes the fires kick up. And it’s still two months until it’s really fire season. :sweat:


Link to a higher res/larger version of the image:


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