Fireside Grown-Up Guide to the Hangover


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The trick is to never stop drinking, then no hangover, and no liver after awhilst.


There’s Berocca. Which I don’t think is the original Aussie formulation, but that one time every 18-24 months or so when I have that 4th drink… it’s helpful stuff the next day.


Isn’t that just vitamins?


Mytussin AC another codeine enhanced product used to be sold OTC in Virginia. Not sure if it’s still avail.


I assume that The Fireside Guide to … is the 'Murican version of The Ladybird Book of …, as I bought a book otherwise identical in cover and theme as a gift.

I’m wondering how much the content differs after “translation”. For example, do you have Wotsits across the pond?


and guarana, and caffeine, and magnesium and calcium Zinc potassium and a few scary sounding things.

All I know is if I take it it clears it all up. But if I take it twice in a week it’s a “Bad Idea”


I really like how happy that box is to proclaim “Can cause addiction!”


Also known as The Lemmy Method.


They sell it in the US now, but unfortunately only the version with caffeine. Berocca works best if you can manage to remember to drink some before you pass out at the end of the night, and caffeine doesn’t exactly help with that. I usually stock up when I visit the rellies in Oz, although my drinking has declined with age to the point that it’s mostly so I can give it as gifts to those of my American friends who still enjoy a bender occasionally.


Looks like it. I wonder whether it’d have the same impact on a readership who didn’t grow up with Ladybird books; that cultural reference is half the joke.


Ibuprophen, 600mg. Burger with fried egg on top.



I used Hairy Lemon for hangovers when I was down there.


I had an ozzie housemate back when. It was a staple of the household. Then.


Irn-Bru. Fried egg sandwich if you’re capable of cooking, doner kebab otherwise, in either case with plenty of hot chilli sauce, ideally taken as a prophylactic on the night in question before going to bed.


And I would suggest Lucozade as an Irn-Bru alternative.


Burn the heretic!


I read this book recently, while visiting a friend in London. Love it! Want my own copy. It is a small piece of perfection.


also check out “The Recently Deflowered Girl: The Right Thing to Say On Every Dubious Occasion” by Edward Gorey

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