Fireworks wrapper combines gun worship, right-wing Christianity, American flags, and patriotism

I’m not even joking when I say that “duration” is an odd wording choice for the packaging, very multisyllabic and learned. This feels more like a “105 seconds of BOOM” job.

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Your right. The Right-Wing meme culture is leaning into meme culture to the point of absurdity and it being harder and harder to tell if it is satire or not. :confused:


I operate under the assumption that anything the Right-Wing says or does is never satire.


I am reminded of this from five years ago. I think it’s all satire, and none of it is, because they’ve abandoned a view of the world where the distinction makes sense. It’s not really serious the way we think of it but it’s still something to hurt people over.


inb4 the Republicans jettison democracy and start rounding people up for posting things like this.

i am not a patriotic guy, but i will stand out of respect during the national anthem and remain quiet, although i find the spectacle completely irrelevant at a baseball game. but since 9/11, we are requested to “rise and join in the singing of God Bless America” later in that same game on some holidays. no. it’s just some crazy song someone wrote back in the old days! it would be like rising to sing “Livin On A Prayer” at some game in the future. take all this phony patriotism and stuff it in a sock.


I agree, but then you have to discern the context. i.e. Was it from a right wing source or a different source creating satire.

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Some hints of gun felatio there, too. The fact that the woman looks vaguely native american adds a poorly thought out twist.


To be fair, we’re halfway there.


I would sing to the tune, but replace all the words with :notes:Separation of Church and Staaaaaate:notes:


Even so I don’t think we should start using the word “patriotism” to refer to this kind of performative tribalist nonsense (unless we keep “patriotism” in scare quotes) because that just makes the right-wingers’ perversion of the language even easier.


“Sweet Caroline” at a Red Sox game comes awfully close…


not bad, but this might get a little closer.


I will never object to singing Sweet Caroline in public, but I will always also secretly judge all the people doing it who can’t name a single other Neil Diamond song. Hipster doofuses, all.


Nationalism, militarism and human sacrifice. When they worship God they’re really worshipping America, and when they worship America they’re really worshipping themselves.

Technically not white Christian nationalism, but:


I feel pretty much the same. Although I do not mind standing for and singing the National Anthem.
It’s complicated. More so than I could get into here. Probably someone would say “tell it to your shrink”.

You reminded me about something. We went for pizza at our favorite place one day for lunch and the owner was out. He usually was playing a Dead show over the speakers, but the girls working that day were all about the 80’s. “Living on a Prayer” came on and they both starting singing the chorus initially, then by the next time it came around, the whole place was… Maybe even by the 4th verse.
Was so funny. Best couple of slices and a pint. :slight_smile:

*Edit - one of the young ladies made the best damn pizza dough ever. Even better than when the owner did, who was originally from NYC and his dough was outstanding. She really knew when it was perfect to make the pie. I’d put her NY style oven pizza (as opposed to coal fired) up against anyone, anywhere making the same style. Including in NYC.


@ VeronicaConnor My husband plays in a community orchestra. They had a patriotic concert this weekend. My Eagle Scout son, now 34, quietly sang “God Bless My Underwear”. Words are available on,
with the caution that some Scouts substitute :”to the dresser, to my rear!” for: “to the clothesline in the air.” My second comment is that Kate Smith will always sing it best.


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I found this patriot cosplay stooge hanging out in the local fireworks stand.

I hear what you’re saying, but where I am in rural Indiana, that’s too broad a stroke. I myself fly a US flag 24/7 (with a spotlight, of course). Around here, you need to look for the OTHER flags being flown as well.


I sometimes get ads for this tshirt company that seems to cater to a hypothetically rude anti liberal consumer.

“Born in the 50s, original and unrestored”, but the designs occasionally veer into “Klan -adjacent” territory–crusader crosses, “deus vult”, etc. It’s disturbing to see them on motherjones dot com. Probably generated by some faceless algorithm based in some other country.