First amphibious baseball player stuns scientists

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Well it’s about time. Football beat them by almost a century when they signed Newt Rockne.


I have lived in both central and eastern Oregon, I have never seen this newspaper.
I will admit I also do not really look at newspapers since the daily bandwidth of the newspaper kid was eclipsed by my dialup connection.
Most newspapers anymore, especially microscopic ones, just reprint wire stories with a few short local interest blurbs and local ads so the headline was probably all they could screw up.

Damn spell checker.

Maybe he should play for the Miami Marlins instead.


Based on his puffed-out cheeks, I’m trying to figure out what species of frog he is…


Well, “Ambidextrous” didn’t fit in the title. What’s a poor headline writer to do? :smile:

This is a play on the Yogi Berra quote: “He hits from both sides of the plate. He’s amphibious.”


“Debut Pitcher Goes Both Ways” is actually more concise. I’d have gone with that.


Maybe the writer meant “Ambitious”.

Gotta love autocorrect

Judging from his cheeks, he’s part puffer fish.

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He’s just holding his breath in the photo on the right.
Sometimes he forgets.

It’s true, I’ve seen the photos of when he was a tadpole.

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If his name had been Newt Venditte, I could die happy.

I’ve been following this guy since he made varsity at Miskatonic.


“…then caught a fly ball with his 12-foot long tongue.”
This is quite an impressive feat. Even being able to catch both fly balls at 12-feet would be something to brag about although I would expect catching and eating the whole fly would be more viscerally satisfying.

Man, I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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