Man celebrated Oakland A's World Series win with a baseball in the rectum


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Christ, what an A-hole.


So it was a “home run”…



Right down the middle?



I can hear the announcer saying “and this one’s going deep . . . IT’S GONE!”


I’d say it was a foul ball.



now that’s a fan!

did the surgical team sign the ball and now it is displayed in a glass box on the guy’s desk? cuz I just looked it up and that’s the definition of trufan (uh oh, I looked up that spelling and I’m not sure I like where this is going)

oh look at the time!


inb4 “Damn near killed ’im”


Edit: @Vert beat me to it


Guess it’s a good thing the Raider’s didn’t win the Superbowl that year.


Nope… slider.


I’m Batman!


If no lube was available, for his sake I hope it was at least a spitball.


This is why I only follow golf.


In this context, other unfortunate team names include:

Red Sox


Try for a hole in one, and stay away from the rough.


Another one for the “secret anonymous file”.

(I worked in a radiology film library during college, and yes, there was a secret names-blocked-out file of WTF x-rays we saw come down the pike.)


Looking forward to ‘roentgenogram’ being used on Murdoch Mysteries (though, I think the invention of that is much after the series’ period).


I love how the description makes it sound like the guy was trying to act like he had no idea what was causing the pain.

“There’s a round object in there? Huh. Well, now that you mention it, this might be related to something that happened earlier…”