Dodger Stadium springs mid-game on-field sewage leak


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foul territory



Go Giants.


That exhibition game turned into a real shitshow.


Yep, that’s pretty much my reaction to Gatorade. The one time i tried it (blechh!).


Guess it was a crappy game.


Bottom of the fifth? More like filth of the bottom, amiright? Hello, is this thing on?


No reason to flush the entire season down the toilet.


As my father would have said - da bums neva shoulda left.


That is where da shit usually comes from.


And now we know where it was piped to.


Fifth inning? I thought Puig was a starter.



Dodger Stadium is one of the oldest stadia in baseball. Opening in 1962, I believe, only Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are older (I think). Oakland’s stadium also had a similar problem a couple years ago; it opened in the late 60s.


Similar plumbing standards and accretion of “stuff” over time leading to similar outcomes?


Dodgy. (nine characters)


It’s karma, karma I tells ya!! Da bums…


From the book of useless BBS tricks, this works too:


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The 1990 England-Ireland World cup game wasn’t stopped when Gary Lineker had an accidental foul smelling sewage leak on the pitch. This one does sound like it was a bigger problem though.

(Youtube video behind link for obvious reasons, although there isn’t really anything to see)


Shit happens.