Congratulations Chicago! The Goat is broken


I saw the game. i don’t like sports. I like sports movies less. Movies could not have pulled off a game like this for how narratively bullshit it would’ve looked. How over the top gonzo the whole spectacle was.

I have to take my hat off to Cleveland. they put up a damned fine battle and themselves deserve a series win. However the cubs managed to wear them down and that they managed what they did off of what they had left was phenomenal.

Even if one took away the droughts both teams have had, it truly was a game for the ages.


One year too late though.


Washington Prepares for Queen Diana’s Visit

Ouch. That one was quite a miss.


Stealing your reply to caption this photo

…and a bit racist


Still wondering how a local kid defacing a local monument/building trumps either the cubs breaking losing streak, or the queen’s visit.



If you look closely, the skewered Cubs logo and “2016 Champs” parts are decals.



“President says she’s tired…”

Let’s see how predictive bttf really is.


Or why the local paper would use a a 120-point headline to announce that some washed-up scientist most people had never heard of was forced into involuntary psychiatric treatment.


Yea I’d be running with ‘Why the fuck is Nixon still president?’ to be fair, that example is the local paper, and Brown is a local figure… albeit one that’s… well… considered insane.


I don’t think it would have been a broken losing streak at that point. It’s more like “oh, the Cubs won the World Series again? Boring! They’ve won five of the last ten!”


If a Nixon fifth term is as feasible as an FDR fourth term, and Emmett Brown is a crackpot inventor on the same level as Geoffrey Pyke, then… nope, still no.


Anyone else remember the “tanned, rested and ready” Nixon comeback slogan from '88 that Bobby Jindal’s “campaign” “jokingly” appropriated last year?


God, I miss Nixon. Too bad we don’t have him to kick around anymore.


The so-called skewered Cubs logo is actually the logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who won the 2016 NBA championship.


Illuminati confirmed?


I wondered what that hook on the side of the ‘C’ was. I have to confess to not having cared very much - OK, at all - about basketball when I lived in Cleveland. Or any time since, for that matter.

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