World Series Rage and/or Gloating


Am from Chicago-land-ish originally. Living in NC at the moment, but wear my Cubs cap every day this week.

It is so unclear what’s gonna happen here, but man! Whatever happens, it’s been a long time!


And holy crap tied in the 9th inning of game 7.
No matter who wins this is an epic freaking series.


No kidding. This is nuts man. I don’t even like sports as a whole, and I’m caught up in it.


Rain stopped play?

Is there some sort of Duckworth-Lewis Rule in baseball?

(Not really a baseball fan but interested in most sports. :slight_smile: )


I’m not invested in either team (other than much of the wife’s family being from the Chicagoland area) but I’m rooting for the Cubs. You need to be accustomed to disappointment if you’re a Chicago sports fan and they definitely deserve this.

ETA with a series like this, both teams have plenty to be proud of.


You think even @chgoliz might be rooting for them now?


And the Cubs have scored in the top of the 10th.


They’ve done it? Is this their century?


Cleveland still has their at bat… but 2 runs now with only one out and men on base.



This is just brutal.


Good to know.


1 more out… :skull_and_crossbones:️:skull_and_crossbones:️


and cleveland scores 1.

eta and a new pitcher


Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie.


And game… Chicago wins. Fuckin’ A.


Take that William Sianis!
And your stinky goat, Murphy.


Just had a friend who normally gets up before 5:00am text me to see if I’m watching the game…at 11:30pm.

I’m not sure if she’s ever watched a baseball game in her life before.

Our police are ready, because they know what will happen, either way.

If there is a heaven, Stevie Goodman is jumping up and down and screaming right now. That’s good enough for me.


4-0 shutout when the south side team plays the World Series…just saying!!


That does sound disappointing.