These Cubs World Series plates are the perfect reminder that anything can happen


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Did someone send the StackSocial to the wrong site again?

This product is possibly the strangest thing I’ve seen advertised here, given the demographics of those who visit this site.

Plus, these “plates” are ugly as fuck and I’d be embarrassed to send them to my cubs fan relatives.


I just may be the closest thing to a sports fan here, and I am absolutely not a Cubs fan. It’s bad enough I’ll have to listen to Cubs fan smugness for the next however long. Yeah, we get it, your team won a World Series this century, you’re so awesome. I certainly don’t want to hang this smugness in my den or office.


We need to send these to @chgoliz.


/cringes and runs away in horror!!!


The Cubs aren’t special anymore.


As a Leicester City fan, 108 years does not impress me…


What was Leicester City’s drought? 132 years?


Yep. All of the years. Although nobody’s won the second division more times.

The Cubs are an older team than LCFC though, since they’ve only been around since 1884 (I think they should go back to being Leicester Fosse, personally).


The Cubs have been around for 8 more years than Leicester City, but they have only been called the Cubs since 1903. They were the White Stockings from 1876 through 1889, the Colts from 1890 until 1897, and the Orphans from 1898 until 1902.


I’m a Cleveland fan, you insensitive clod!


Hang on. The plates are from the Chicago Tribune’s story the day after?

Didn’t they report this as “Cleveland defeats Truman”


This fucking screenshot of Trump winning the election is the perfect reminder that anything bad can happen. at any time. to anyone or anything you care about.


I’ve always liked printing press artifacts.

But not a sports fan.


Well, I’m actually a baseball fan (maybe not a fan of all sports in general), and I rooted for the Cubs this year, but collectible sports memorabilia don’t mean squat to me.

The game happened, I enjoyed watching it, but I don’t see the point in reliving it via some commemorative wall-hanging (I can’t even call it “art.”)


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Wait. Wut?


132 years, but in a sense, it was “forever”, as the Foxes had never won a title in their history.


How soon we forget Steve Claridge and Matt Elliott. Did those League Cups mean nothing?


I’m more offended by the crappy photoshopping going on in the picture of this hanging on the wall. That frame should be approx 2’x4’. In real life it would look smaller, much smaller, than what the picture attempts to portray.

But no, my offense definitely does not rise to the level of disappointment.

Geez-a-lou, stacksocial… If you’re gonna pitch this whatever the hell it is, at least be honest about it.


White Sox won in 2005.