Home movie of a Chicago Cubs game in 1938


I love this and yet I hate it; the footage isn’t very clear, so any details are hard to make out, and it lacks a lot of context. That said, what I enjoyed most were the close-ups of the crowd, and the details of the stadium on that day. Chicagoans sure dressed classy with some awesome hats.

This was a great time to find this, since we’ll be celebrating the Cubs winning the World Series later this year.


Always liked Wrigley for it’s low-tech quaintness, a relic that did a good job at connecting you with history… to bad that’s all gone now and it’s going to be another McStaidum.

I do hope that this wasn’t filmed without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

Also, I can’t remember the last time I went to a ballgame with a tie and suit on, and not a baseball cap but a trilby or fedora or whatever we are calling those, while smoking a nice cigar. If we did that again it would certainly fancy things up a lot.


And just think, it had only been 20 years since the Cubs last won the world series at that point!


I now have come to realize that I probably will not live to see the Cubs in the Series. And I’m still of working age.

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White Sox rule, Cubbies drool.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, the world’s finest Cubs fan:

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The video credits card at the beginning states that it’s from 1937, not 1938.

The scoreboard seems to indicate that it’s a World Series game (NATIONAL vs. AMERICAN (though that should be the other way around at Wrigley,)) in which case it’s 1938 since the Cubs weren’t in the ’37 Series.

EDIT: Then again, that may be the out-of-town scoreboard, I can’t make out the details. Weird that it would be so prominent though.

It is the out of town scoreboard. A better pic from the eighties:


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