Go Cubs Go


Is this the worst song ever or the best song ever? Please comment.



It can’t be the worst song ever, with this existing.


Not a Cubbie (South Side represent!), but a huge lover of Stevie Goodman: Steve Goodman asked to write this song.

This is the REAL Stevie song about the Cubs:


Holy smokes that is just god awful. Someone MADE that.


Someone released that as a single, and got to #78 (I think) in the UK charts so people actually bought it.

At the time Carlisle had gone a bit mad, with Carlisle United going to play at Wembley for the first time. Yes, it was only the mickey mouse cup, but we were finally going there.

They lost, but I remember more of that day than when they won it two years later (that was a very dull match, except when they won on penalties, and when Rory Delap broke a corner flag and it took ten minutes to find a replacement.)


That sounds like an anthem to the 1980’s!


Chicago has a history of regrettable sportsball “music”:


But we’re just here to do the superbowl shuffle!

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