Jack White at a Chicago Cubs game




Party of the century indeed


He looks pissed that he couldn’t buy the jersey he was wearing with only red, white and black colors


I’d look the same if I’d be forced to watch any spectator sport.


He looks about one year away from the front porch in his bathrobe, yelling at the kids to get off his lawn.


As someone with a bad case of bitchy resting face, I can’t hold it against him.


Starring in “Throw Mama From the Train 2” in about 20 years:


Me thinks this pic may become a meme for a day or two…

My wife suggested captioning it with “Who pooped in my oatmeal?” hahaha.




They must have been playing a Black Keys song…


I’m a Royals fan and have pretty much the same look.


Cubs have fallen on hard times.


“The secret of perfect hair: Use conditioner BEFORE you shampoo”

Daily Mail 2 April 2014


Yeah, the last hundred years or so has been quite the slump.



I want to ask “who’s Jack White and why should I care?”, but apparently he’s someone important.

So never mind.


You could use the Google or you could post boring entry-level “I don’t watch television” comments. Your call really.


What’s this “Google” of which you speak?


Well, that’s how it goes… it’s not like the Ents were just gonna let him & Saruman stay in Isengard forever.


He is obviously not trying hard enough to be a gentleman every day.