Chicago emergency room preps for big patient increase during World Series


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Type A, triple bypass, living in Chicago, Halloween birthday, Cubs in the World Series…I’d better check up on dad early this year.


Stadium food is probably another factor. Chest pain is chest pain, whether it’s from acute MI or indigestion.


I am watching every Cubs game with my Dad, one hand on the remote, the other hand on the 911 speed dial.

I am not kidding.

When Jake Arrieta’s pitching got uneven in the bottom of the fifth in Cleveland, the pressure was so bad that he left the room – even though the Cubs had a five run lead.

Such is the psychic reality of a man who has followed the Cubs intensely every years since 1953. He’s running out of years to say “Maybe next year”


Must be for the visiting team fans… I thought that Chicago Superfans took care of such things on their own.


Thanks, but I need to reserve my heart-attack-inducing anxiety for November 8th.



Also "W™"? I don’t think so.


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