What was my Major League Baseball game experience like during Covid times? Mostly better

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We went to a spring training game in Florida last month and I was pleasantly surprised at how seriously they took distancing in the seating areas. There were easily 6-10 feet between our family and the nearest other fans. The lack of traffic and concession lines was also really nice. But the quiet of the stadium was downright eerie. If only I cared enough about sports to be a heckler, it would have been fun to yell at the players and have them hear every word, though!

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This is how it was going to Royals games when I lived in KC ca. 2000. General admission was something like $5 and included the lower deck a few sections past first and third bases. On a mid-week game day it was usually half empty. After an inning or so, my buddy and I would move to sit next to first base while Frank White was still the FB coach. Buck O’Neill was at most of the games sitting in the catbird seat behind home plate. We even went to the nearly deserted upper deck to toke once in a while.

A few years later, the prices went up drastically, GA was moved to the upper deck only and all of our great talent went to Oakland, Boston and the damned Yankees. It was wonderful while it lasted, though.

It was kind of like going to a White Sox game during normal times.

That’s going to leave a (baseball-sized) mark.

Thanks for sharing your impressions. Sporting events aren’t the only experiences that are going to have improvements forced on them by the pandemic.

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Appreciate the info. My son’s going to a game in 2 days and I’ve been nervous about it. He’s vaccinated but not everyone in the house is, so was kinda worried how the park handled it.

It does look like the last Sox game I was at…

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“. . 2021 Cubs play their special lackluster brand of baseball.” As an Orioles fan, I challenge you to a lackluster brand of baseball contest! We’ve got bad pitching, lousy outfield, and batting so streaky it’s like electronics stored in a warm, humid box next to the seashore! We’re a triple-threatened!

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